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The debate for Scotland gets ugly

With less than three weeks to go until polling day, the climate around Scotland’s referendum on independence has taken an ugly turn.

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Clinton aide accuses Nothern Ireland politicians of abysmal leadership

TweetA former aide has sparked controversy in saying that Northern Irish politicians, back some 20 years ago, displayed abysmal leadership A former senior aide to the Bill Clinton during his time in the White House has issued a damning indictment on the state of Northern Ireland’s politicians. Writing for the Irish Times to mark the […]

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Alex Salmond’s oil predictions aren’t so slick after all

Has Alex Salmond wildly overestimated the part of oil in his independent utopia?

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It’s time to turn the words into action on Christian persecution

While the UK has form condemning barbaric acts inflicted on Christians because of their faith. It is time now to turn the words into action.

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Salmond needs to spell out his Plan B on currency

All three main parties are clear on where they stand with Scotland and the currency issue – Alex Salmond needs to spell out his Plan B, and fast.

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It’s time for the EU to go further to protect Christians

Christian cross ncj

It’s time the EU gave more serious consideration as to how best it can use it’s diplomatic, trade and economic muscle to protect Christians.

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Salmond fails to get Commonwealth boost

Scotland independencej

Alex Salmond’s hopes of a Scottish bounce as a result of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow have been dashed.

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Will the last person to leave Scotland please turn out the lights

Scotland flag ncrj

17 per cent of adults say they would consider leaving Scotland if it opted for independence.

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Compassion doesn’t have to mean assisted dying

Lord Falconer ncrj

Compassion is also about providing high quality care that should be available to all.

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Cameron has played into the SNP’s hands

Scotland flag ncrj

In creating a team to try and secure a Tory victory in 2015, David Cameron may have tipped the balance in the debate on Scotland’s future – and not in the way he wants.

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