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Post-Colonial arrogance: UK refuses to aid India in equitable growth

The government’s decision to stop aid to India is the latest instalment in a history of ignoring India.

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Reshuffle: DFID: Mitchell’s record, and the challenges facing Greening

As Justine Greening is announced as the new international development secretary, it’s worth pausing to reflect on the record of her predecessor Andrew Mitchell.

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There must be cross-party commitment to passing the 0.7% international aid bill

Today is an opportunity to help deliver (possibly the only) promise that was in all three Parties’ manifestos

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The left must build a coalition of the willing at the G20 in order to boost global recovery

Obama, Hollande, Dilma, Gillard and Hernandez would be a formidable force for progress if they worked together to push for a global growth plan.

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Just as we dismantle our NHS, India is trying to build theirs

David Taylor argues that the lack of help for India’s growing health service is a shame, but sadly typical of the conservative attitude to aid

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On its tenth anniversary, the Global Fund is in crisis

David Taylor calls on the government to save the Global Fund, which funds the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria worldwide

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Conservatives to meet aid target by counting ‘made up’ debt relief as aid

David Taylor, chair of the Labour Campaign for International Development, reveals the Tories’ plan to count debt relief as real aid, arguing it’s no help at all.

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Tories are balancing the books on the backs of the world’s poorest

David Taylor writes about the cut to international development that was included in the autumn statement

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£200m of aid budget to be spent on St Helena airport – after lobbying from Lord Ashcroft

The government has approved £200 million of the aid budget to be spent building an airport for St Helena – after lobbying from £127m tax dodger Lord Ashcroft.

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Cameron is abdicating his responsibility on international development

Labour Campaign for International Development chair David Taylor writes about how Cameron and Clegg are failing to take the lead on fighting international poverty.

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