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Order has not been restored in Egypt: a reply to the Telegraph’s Con Coughlin

Egypt military 1j

The Telegraph’s defence editor is spinning hard for the Egyptian generals, writes Daniel Wickham.

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Why is Tony Blair spinning for Egypt’s military rulers?

Tony Blair’s support for the Egyptian military puts the lie to the former prime minister’s repeated declarations of support for democracy and human rights.

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Top ten US aid recipients all practice torture

The top ten recipients of US foreign assistance this year all practice torture and are responsible for major human rights abuses, reports Daniel Wickham.

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‘Worse than Mubarak': human rights in Egypt and the effects of US military aid

US support for Egypt’s generals has led to a situation where the human rights situation in the country is now comparable to the Mubarack era.

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Government invites world’s ‘most repressive’ regimes to London arms fair

During the Cold War, Soviet totalitarianism was loudly condemned by the West. Today, its remnants score invitations to buy arms from Western companies in London.

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Siding With A Tyrant: British Policy Towards Bahrain And Its People

The people of Bahrain have suffered severe repression at the hands of their government and yet the UK continues to support the Bahraini monarchy.

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The other side of Cameron’s ‘role model’ for the Middle East

Cameron’s description of the UAE as “a role model for the region” is accurate only if you share the government’s vision for the Persian Gulf.

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Comment: Peace in the middle east requires an honest debate about the Israeli occupation

TweetThe ceasefire between Hamas and Israel has lasted longer than most people expected. But the truce remains unstable, with violations on both sides, and few believe it will guarantee anything more than a short-term peace for the region. We must, however, work to avoid a repeat of last year’s tragic events. The first step is […]

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Comment: Iran, nukes, Ahmadinejad… What is to be done?

What is the Iranian threat? Daniel Wickham looks at the validity of Israel’s fear of Iran, the possibility of nuclear weapons and the parallels with Iraq.

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