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Will consumers support Living Wage products and services?

Will consumers make it worth employers’ investment in the Living Wage, by shifting their custom to those who pay decent wages?

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NIESR: Weak demand is leading to permanently higher unemployment

According to NIESR’s report this morning, persistently weak demand is maintaining high unemployment, and may lead to a permanently higher rate of joblessness.

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Think tank Reform’s school academy claim lacks academic rigour

Think tank Reform asked academies “Are you great?”, they said yes, and then think tank Reform said “academies are great”.

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Super Tuesday continues Republican death spiral towards November presidential elections

It is all but certain that the frontrunner Mitt Romney will be the eventual nominee, but the party’s voters simply haven’t warmed to him: Too elitist for working-class voters, too moderate for conservatives, too Mormon for evangelical protestants.

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The Osborne tax get-out turns aid for the poorest into a subsidy for multinationals

Last year, the UK donated £4.2bn to poor countries. Now Osborne is considering changes that will allow multinationals to avoid paying £4bn to poor countries.

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The final James Murdoch question: Was he incompetent or complicit at News International?

Not only has the extent of hacking and corrupt practices involving the police coming to light at NOTW , but the cover up. Was J. Murdoch incompetent or complicit?

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Even GPs implementing Cameron’s health reforms have come out against them

Even GPs who are implementing the NHS reforms oppose them – it’s time to drop the legislation and strangle the disastrous health and social care bill.

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NHS productivity gain is just the latest evidence that socialised medicine brings down costs

International evidence suggests that the NHS is efficent by global standards and this morning’s news that the NHS made productivity gains over the last decade just confirms that

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Public sector outsourcing is a mess – and it’s the taxpayer picking up the tab

From a4e to the care homes scandal, the outsourced sector is simply out of control with bonuses for poor performance.

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ConHome: Neuter the Health Bill

Daniel Elton reports on the latest high-profile defection to the campaign to save the NHS: Tim Montgomerie and ConservativeHome

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