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Report says academies may “fuel social segregation”

TweetThe already controversial academy school scheme has today seen more criticism levelled at it; some academies have been accused of manipulating their admissions so as to choose the kind of students they want. As a result of a report released today by the Academies Commission (headed by ex-Ofsted head, Christine Gilbert), it was found that […]

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Cameron warned over EU again, this time by the US

TweetDavid Cameron’s stance on Europe has come repeatedly under fire recently. Yesterday, Left Foot Forward reported on both business leaders and Ireland having criticised Cameron’s wish to renegotiate terms with the EU. Business leaders criticised the tenacity of his beliefs, saying that whilst they agreed on the need for some reform (for example, on the […]

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Business leaders warn Cameron over EU renegotiations

TweetDavid Cameron has seen his stance over the EU come under fire yet again, this time by business leaders. A letter in the Financial Times, which includes such signatories as Sir Richard Branson (chairman of the Virgin Group) and Chris Gibson-Smith (London Stock Exchange chairman), has been sent ahead of Cameron’s speech in the Netherlands […]

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EDL leader convicted for 10 months

TweetThe leader of the EDL , Stephen Lennon, has been sentenced to ten months in jail for using a friend’s passport to illegally enter the USA. Lennon was convicted in Southwark crown court for his actions; he was able to go through self-check in at Heathrow but was stopped at customs in JFK airport when […]

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The mid-term report, and the report on that report

TweetThis afternoon saw a reaffirmation of coalition vows from the Conservatives and Lib Dems, along with a host of statements of values, all outlined in their ‘mid-term report’. Inevitably, Labour has retorted with a document of their own outlining the ways in which they believe the coalition to have failed. Differences between government and opposition […]

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Cameron told the big society is “effectively dead”

TweetToday, Cameron’s flagship policy, the big society, has suffered a serious blow; a leading charity figure has described it as being “effectively dead”. Sir Stephen Bubb, head of the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations, damned the big society agenda as a result of spending cuts in charity funding and reforms. Cameron’s rhetoric of […]

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Annual rail hike takes effect and dampens start to new year

Further rail price hikes get the year off to a difficult start for many and meanwhile, the government remains entirely oblivious to the impact of its policies.

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New research shows 400,000 people will spend a second successive Christmas on the dole

TUC research demonstrates further hardship for many in one of the most financially difficult times of the year; meanwhile, the government refuses to help.

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The impact of Gove’s reforms on teachers’ everyday working lives

A glimpse into the everyday lives of teachers, looking at the attitudes of teachers towards action taken by the NUT that did not include strike action.

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High inflation set to continue into 2014

The stubborn nature of inflation stops the Bank of England from acting, pushes living costs further up and is seemingly ignored by the government.

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