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Anti-racism work is being undermined by football’s leaders

Anti racismj

The many achievements of the Kick It Out campaign risk being undermined by the game’s leaders.

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Can anyone still trust the police?

Doreen Lawrencej

As long as the public cannot see justice being properly exercised in the wake of evidence of police misconduct, then trust will need to be earned, rather than assumed.

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Interest in ‘Blonde Angel’ will ebb away now Maria is found to be a Roma child

At the time of writing, the news story having been the lead ‘breaking news’ item, has now slipped to the fourth story on BBC television news.

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Cameron protects Tory advisor Lynton Crosby and sweeps aside need to tell the truth

In this week’s big political interview on the Andrew Marr show, David Cameron showed clear contempt for the public by giving patronising responses to questions about the role played by a Tory advisor in government decisions.

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The Home Office needs to come clean about taser deaths

Greater Manchester police has referred itself to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) following the death of a young man after attending a call out.

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How the Equality and Human Rights Commission forced the government’s hand on stop and search

The Conservative party has long expressed strong support for an increase in the use of stop and search powers by the police, irrespective of the impact on community cohesion, and inequalities.

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Acora Ltd insults women with shockingly sexist advert, then botches apology

Acora IT Outsourcing Ltd has caused shock and dismay with the publication of an advertisement that is extremely offensive and insulting.

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Mid-Staffordshire: Why the police investigation must not target powerless NHS workers

Labour was in government during the period in which the Mid–Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust presided over the abuse and neglect of thousands of patients, leading to many deaths.

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EU benefits are ‘land grab’ by Brussels, says Duncan Smith

The EU Commissioner for employment and social affairs, Laszlo Andor, is taking the British government to court over what it says are discriminatory practices in its application of regulations on welfare payments.

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Measures must be introduced to curb the spread of acid attacks on young women

Politicians need to decide whether new legislation is required to deal with this crime before it spreads.

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