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Re-mutualising Northern Rock “would be a good move”

Leaders of the two biggest mutuals today told the Commons Treasury select committee that the re-mutualisation of Northern Rock could be a “good move”.

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Campaign to save libraries steps up a gear

As local authorities wield the axe over public services, authors have launched a war of words against the closure of public libraries, reports Claire French.

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Economists warn of risk of double dip following poor growth figures

Economists have warned of the increased likelihood of a double dip recession following the news that the British economy retracted by 0.5 per cent in Q4 2010.

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Bankers’ bonuses under fire as Barclays chief faces Parliament

Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond was today questioned by the Treasury select committee regarding the behaviour of the bank, reports Claire French.

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Freedom of information could unlock true scale of coalition cuts

Activists’ use of investigative techniques could be the key to unlocking the real scale of public spending cuts, reports Claire French live from Netroots.

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Coalition confusion over EU human trafficking directive

After giving the concrete answer of ‘no’ when asked whether the government would be signing the European directive on human trafficking just three months ago, is the coalition on the brink of doing an about turn? Last month, Home Office minister Lynne Featherstone told the Commons that the coalition had “decided not to opt in to the European directive at the moment”; yet last week, Solicitor General Edward Garnier seemed certain that the directive had in fact already been signed.

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Freezing of science budget could hit UK’s global reputation

The freezing of the £4.6 billion budget for scientific research could mean a cut of 8.9 per cent in real terms – though it could have been a lot worse, “it’s not as bad as we were expecting” being the common refrain among scientists at a Young Fabians policy network event this week on the impact of the Comprehensive Spending Review in on research and development and science.

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City bonuses set to rise following withdrawal of payroll tax

A new study has shown that Alistair Darling’s ‘bankers’ bonus tax’ reduced the amount paid out in City bonuses, reports Left Foot Forward’s Claire French.

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And the winner is…

The most exciting election of the season closed on Wednesday. The votes are counted, and the results can now be announced…

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Five days left in left’s top five poll

There are just five days to go in our most influential left wingers poll – so get voting now!

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