The belief that migrants are a drain on the economy is like the popularity of Boris Johnson, homeopathy or conspiracy theories

Britain has an immigration problem – but not of the sort generally supposed.

The facts show that immigrants are a net fiscal benefit rather than a cost, and that immigration is, except for a small negative effect at the bottom end, a net positive for wages (pdf) and for economic growth (pdf).

The problem is the public do not believe the evidence.

Osborne’s bet on Mundell-Fleming

What’s wrong with the Mundell-Fleming model? This question probably doesn’t much pre-occupy the political class, but it should because it provides pretty much the only defence remaining for the coalition’s macroeconomic policies.

The need for supply side socialism

There’s an important fact that’s lost in the debate about economic policy. It’s that counter-cyclical policy is nothing like sufficient. Perhaps we need something radical.