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It’s the obsessing over Miliband’s wreath that really demeans the war dead


Millions died in World War One. Millions of people are still dying today as a result of conflict. Should we not remember them in a more serious way?

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Another Department for Work and Pensions failure?

More than two thirds of people on the government’s controversial Work Programme are still without a job after two years on the scheme, according to new figures.

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Poverty doubles over 30 years in UK

The percentage of households in the UK who are below society’s minimum standard of living has increased from 14% to 33% over the last 30 years, according to a new study of poverty and deprivation.

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Why Iain Duncan Smith should resign

iain duncan smith

TweetHis welfare schemes keep imploding, severely ill people keep being declared fit for work and so many people are falling through cracks in the benefits system that food bank use surpassed a million this year. Yet Iain Duncan Smith soldiers on. The media seem obsessed with discussing Ed Miliband’s appearance, but the man who has […]

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UKIP’s victory isn’t about Eurosceptism‏


UKIP’s success in the European and local elections 2014 is not about Euroscepticism. In fact the UK is becoming increasingly pro-EU.

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Five more things the government should do for LGBT rights in the UK


Marriage equality doesn’t mean that the battle for LGBT rights in the UK is over.

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It’s The Sun Wot Lost It

The newspaper industry, and the power of the press barons, is declining. The internet is on the rise and this holds opportunities for the left.

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Liberal Democrat run council employs 300 people on zero-hour contracts

Cornwall Council has been using more than 300 people on zero hour contracts, it has been revealed this week.

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Miliband to set out radical alternative to coalition failure

At conference Ed Miliband will develop his responsible capitalism theme and announce new policies to boost construction and house building, help out small businesses and also ensure that improved skills and wages are at the heart of a Labour government.

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29 US states allow you to be fired for being gay

In 29 states there are no anti-discrimination laws regarding sexual orientation and in 34 states it is legal to discriminate against transgender people.

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