Daily Mail wants BBC to hire a Tory chair – to curb political bias!

Mail seeks appointee who 'shares the worldview' of the Tory Party


The Daily Mail is calling for Theresa May to appoint a conservative to chair the BBC who would ‘share the world view’ of the Tory Party – in order to curb the broadcaster’s political bias!

In a classic case of ‘unclear on the concept’, a Mail editorial today said:

“As the search goes on for a new chairman of the BBC, Theresa May must not let slip this wonderful chance to stamp her authority on one of the most influential posts in public life.”

It says the paper has ‘deep affection’ for the Beeb:

“But as nobody seriously disputes, our national broadcaster has been infected for decades with a Left-liberal, Europhile bias, quite out of kilter with the patriotic conservatism of most licence-fee payers.”

That’s quite an assumption about the views of ‘most licence-fee payers’, and a false picture of the BBC, which on economics, religion, monarchy and much else is centrist at best, and sometimes outright reactionary.

The real problem with the BBC, as economist Chris Dillow argues, is its being impartial as between truth and lies. 

But the Mail goes on, bashing former PM David Cameron for packing the BBC Trust with people from ‘the familiar pink-tinged pool of the centre-Left’.

“Thus, though the Tories won power at Westminster more than six years ago, their opponents continue to hold sway over huge areas of public life through their grip on unelected public bodies.

Mrs May must not make the same mistake as her predecessor. With its dominant role as the country’s main source of news and comment, the BBC has enormous and insidious influence over the national debate.

The Prime Minister should not hesitate to appoint a chairman who shares the world view of the party elected to rule.”

Yes, that way its ‘enormous and insidious influence’ can be directed by some one who ‘shares the world view’ of the Conservative Party in government! What a splendid idea!

Recall next time the Mail complains of ‘BBC bias’ that its real complaint isn’t the fact of any bias, but that the bias is not sufficiently right-wing.

Adam Barnett is staff writer for Left Foot Forward. Follow him on Twitter @AdamBarnett13 

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3 Responses to “Daily Mail wants BBC to hire a Tory chair – to curb political bias!”

  1. GodfreyR

    Given that the BBC have already promoted a senior Labour politician to a very senior post – James Purnell. Why would they object to some balance?

  2. Michael WALKER

    //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criticism_of_the_BBC lists a lot of claimed bias.

    Lots for everyone to read… there are admitted cases of bias – pro EU, multiculturism,

  3. Cole

    Reflecting the views of the 37% who voted Conservative? Weird argument.

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