Five examples of biased press coverage of the Labour party conference

Will the same papers do this for Tory conference too?


As the country’s right-wing press sharpens its cutlery ahead of Jeremy Corbyn’s speech to Labour conference, it’s worth noticing how coverage of the event already displays bias along political lines – and to keep this handy when the Conservative party conference is covered next week.

Consider this your cut-out-and-keep guide to newspaper bias this conference season. 

Here are five general trends to watch out for:

1. Prominence – while the Left-leaning Mirror and Guardian have treated the Labour conference as a national story worthy of their front page, most of the conservative press has kept the conference off page 1 (Times, Daily Mail, Daily Express), or relegated it to second or third story (Telegraph).

This is on the morning after Labour’s shadow chancellor gave a speech laying out the party’s economic policies.

One exception is the Sun, which melds its stablemate paper the Times’s splash about Mars with the conference to attack and ridicule the new Labour administration.

Sun 29 9 15

This is not the first time this has happened. Earlier this year the Times kept the Labour party’s general election manifesto off the front page, where the Tory manifesto was featured positively.

Will the same newspapers keep the Tory conference off of page 1 next week?

2. Hostile editorials – while the Sun’s front page story is more an opinion column than news coverage, the dedicated editorial pages of the other newspapers are already pummeling the Labour conference.

The Mail’s columns are perhaps the most robust, though supposedly more serious papers like the Telegraph are not far behind.

As ever, this partisan coverage is written with the general public’s best interest at heart…

Will the same newspapers be as critical of the Tory conference, or will they write as critical supporters of the party?

3. Irreverence and mockery – As the Sun recently proved, mockery of politicians (an important practice) is not something the press applies without prejudice. Political sketches of the Labour conference and newspaper cartoons will similarly ridicule Labour with more gusto – today’s Sun front page being a good example.

Can we expect the same treatment for the Tory conference?

bacon cam sun

4. Ideas described as out of date – Economic, social and defence policies floated by Labour are called old-fashioned and a ‘return to the 1980s/70s’, despite their being the roughly the same vintage as those of the Tories.

Will the policies of the Conservative party be characterised as a return to the past?

5. Splits and disagreements amplified – There is certainly a big gulf between different tendencies within the Labour party over its direction with Corbyn at the helm.

But as the Tory top brass jostle for position (who was the MP and Oxford contemporary who gave Lord Ashcroft the pig story…?) ahead of their own leadership election before 2020, and as splits over the European Union bubble on, threatening to cripple David Cameron’s EU referendum campaign, their conference will surely yield plenty of comparable material.

Will the papers explore (and revel in) these warring factions within the Tory party?

Now it’s over to the papers. Let’s see how their coverage of the Tory conference resolves these questions.


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49 Responses to “Five examples of biased press coverage of the Labour party conference”

  1. Alex Mason

    News just in… Biased website complains bitterly about bias.

  2. stevep

    F*** the far right fairy story mongers, especially Murdoch`s comic. They are going to attack Labour and left-wing politics anyway. Business as usual.
    They are losing credibility and readers with every utterance. The establishment is losing it`s grip.
    Labour should grasp the nettle and face them head on and pledge, at the very least, to implement the Leveson inquiry in full and expand it to include front page redress for wronged victims of their abuse.
    Free speech is great, but only if it applies equally to everyone. At least the internet and sites like these offer some redress.

  3. Matthew Blott

    Is the article wrong then?

  4. JoeDM

    Go and read the Mirror, Indie, Guardian, Morning Star, etc….

    Its good to see that we have a diversity of opinion in our newspapers.

  5. Eddy Boyband

    The first thing the next labour government must do is get rid of the law that forces people buy these papers so we can be free to read quality papers such as the Sunday people.

  6. I'm very cross about this.

    The first thing the next Labour government must do is finalise the preparations for the next millennium celebrations. That’s if they’re ready for power again in another 80 odd years and based upon this conference they’ll still be debating in 2095 and won’t have got around to actually convincing the electorate that they can govern. Labour love a good debate.

  7. Cem Polat

    There is a grand difference, one is the fact that the article is asking those who have been bias to treat the Tory conference in the same manner, and two is the fact that they’re not pushing propaganda against those who have been bias.

    The organization is called Left, what were you expecting, an article about the greatness of Capitalism?

    Look at every single news organization current in the mainstream, and you will almost find in every single one a greater amount of hatred or blatant mistruth about Corbyn.

  8. woolfiesmiff

    Meanwhile the Guardian writer and Corbyn fan Zoe Williams tells us with a straight face that there is a magic money tree and I quote because the Bank Of England makes all the money. Tell you what lefty nut jobs, rather than worry about the Sun ( by the way less than 10% of the voting population read the Sun, Mail, Telegraph etc, so if I were you I’d worry about the 90%) I would start trying to learn some basics of reality based economics, I’d also suggest you got out more and met some ordinary working people. You might also wonder why the majority of the real working class vehemently disagree with Corbyn’s Labour.

    By the way stevie p the BBC ( a left wing organisation) has far far more media clout than ALL the dwindling newspaper readership put together.

  9. woolfiesmiff

    Yes it is. Corbyns Labour party and your thugs that attacked a cafe have repeatedly said that they want to end capitalism. Therefore you should be proud of the Sun’s headline as it says EXACTLY what your supporters say they want.

  10. woolfiesmiff

    Your deluded belief than ANY newspaper in the 21st century has much sway on voters opinions is truly quaint. Newspaper circulation is dwindling. The most powerful media in the UK is the BBC and thats owned by you ( and me ).

    The combined ( thats print AND online ) readership of ALL UK newspapers is 11 million there are more than 48 million registered voters so 78% of voters don’t read a newspaper of any persuasion ( and those figures makes an assumption that no one reads more than one paper/online offer, which is highly unlikely).

    This utterly bizarre piece of cognitive dissonance , that right wing papers are biased to the right and left wing papers are biased to the left is laughable. No shit sherlock !!

    I guess its never dawned on you ( well it wouldn’t because the reason you are all lefties is precisely because you don’t understand the basics of business ) that papers try to sell to as large a market as possible and the Sun, Express, Mail etc pander to working class right wing voters as there are FAR FAR more of them than lefties. IF Corbyn and the ultra left were even remotely as popular as you wish them to be these papers would soon switch their allegiance , exactly as The Sun did when they perceived that Labour was a very popular option under Blair.

    Oh and you obviously missed the monstering that the Sun gave to IDS and Michael “something of the night” Howard when they led the Tory party

  11. stevep

    I wouldn`t worry about “nut jobs” being left wing if I were you, just worry about how many there are running the country.
    Interesting rant, but ultimately pathetic far-right analysis of media demographics and economics. Laughable tirade at the BBC. I wonder if Andrew Neil and Andrew Marr know they`re lefties!
    Sounds like you`ve been in the Sun too long!
    Freedom, Sorry, I meant Plutocracy for Tooting, Wolfie!

  12. Harold

    You are right to raise economics because the present Government is in denial about the perilous state they have got us into and the Tory press has its fingers crossed hoping nothing bad happens. Firstly the deficit was going to be eradicated in five years, now it is ten and I am not sure that is achievable, last month the deficit rose. Tax receipts are down, including Corporation Tax. The Trade Deficit is wider than ever before, unemployment has risen for the last three months, world wide commodity prices have dropped. If we have another financial crash what will the BofE do? Interests rates are as near to zero so they cannot cut, inflation is near to zero under the target set by the Government of 2%. The NHS is struggling, the Forces are understaffed and the Police are losing staff left right and centre. I am happy for the Tories and their supporters to right him off years before the election, in fact the bookies will give you good odds put your mortgage on it.

    Forgot to mention the National Debt which has risen 50% in five years, the last five, more borrowing than all the Labour Governments put together and still rising.

  13. Kevin Turvey

    I don’t own any thugs and I’m pretty sure neither the Labour Party and Left Foot Forward don’t. Are we allowed to call Britain First “Cameron’s thugs”? Thought not.

  14. Selohesra

    I suspect planning for the next Millennium celebrations can wait for 980 years rather than 80!

  15. JarrowPete

    Ha, ha. Brilliant response to woefull maths.

  16. stevep

    Hardly difficult to “monster” IDS and Michael Howard.
    They did a pretty good job themselves.

  17. woolfiesmiff

    Who cares what you call Tory supporters? The Labour Party most certainly does as one look at any twitter timeline will tell you. Come out from under your rock and have a look around

  18. woolfiesmiff

    Oh dear Stevie p a typical knee jerk unthinking response. I’m not right wing and there was nothing ranty about media demographics, they are just cold hard facts. Oh how out of touch and deluded are you? The BBC has 20,000 employees its own Director General told us as an INSTITUTION it was too left wing. Do you even know the meaning of the word tirade?

    You didn’t have any comment on Labour party magic money tree economics?

  19. woolfiesmiff

    Totally agree Harold, so one has to wonder why current Labour Party policy is 1) To borrow even MORE? 2) To print vast amounts of money 3) Punish small employers ( you know the people who just created 1.2 million new jobs)

    Do you see why ordinary people think that Corbyn is totally deluded ? All the things you rightly complain of he want to do MORE of.

  20. woolfiesmiff

    So what? This articles claims that the press don’t treat right wingers the same as left wing nut jobs. You just agreed that they do

  21. stevep

    “Tirade” : A long angry speech of criticism or accusation.
    Just about sums your rants up.

    Magic Money Tree? Ask George Osborne. He`s been printing money out of it for the last few years not to mention borrowing more than any Labour government in history. The economy? – Down the toilet pan.

    If you`re not right wing, you do a pretty good impression of it. Please tell us more.

    BBC director general claiming massive left wing bias? You probably dredged that one from a 2010 interview with former DG Mark Thompson who mentioned that there was a left-wing bias there 30 years ago (1980) when he started as an apprentice. Everything was much further to the left back then, politics, media, sport, even the Tories!

    If you want a more accurate and up-to-date appraisal, here`s one from the Guardian 2/6/2015:

    It’s the BBC’s rightwing bias that is the threat to democracy and journalism

    Owen Jones

    The claim of ‘liberal bias’ is a clever fairytale that allows the right to police the corporation and set the wider political agenda

    ‘A study found the ratio in favour of Conservative politicians appearing on BBC news is far greater than that of Labour MPs when Gordon Brown was PM.’ Photograph: Jeff Overs/BBC/PA

    There are three certainties about British life: it rains on bank holidays; England’s chances at the Euros are always inflated and then disappointed; and the right claims that the BBC suffers from “leftwing bias”. When it was announced on Friday that the TUC’s senior economist Duncan Weldon would become Newsnight’s new economics correspondent, it was like catnip for conservatives. Weldon’s first crime is to work for the TUC. Trade unions may be Britain’s biggest democratic movement, but they are generally shunned or demonised by the media and political elites alike. His second crime is – like many journalists – to have a political background; in his case, he once advised Harriet Harman. Anonymous senior Tories are briefing that it is a “grade-A BBC stitch-up” and that Arthur Scargill would have been “a more objective appointment”, while the Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen has issued a letter of complaint to the corporation.

    The Daily Mail is at the forefront of the campaign to prove the BBC is a den of socialism, and has even attacked Sherlock Holmes as “more evidence” of the corporation’s “leftwing bias”. The Mail on Sunday’s Peter Hitchens claims that the BBC “is hopelessly morally, socially and culturally biased against conservative ideas”. Ironically, I recently discussed the issue with him when he interviewed me for a BBC Radio 4 documentary he was presenting. Earlier this year, George Osborne’s private secretary wrote to the BBC director general to complain, among other things, that I had been introduced on the BBC news channel as a “social commentator” rather than a “high-profile leftwing activist.” It was amusing, not least because I am routinely introduced as a “leftwing firebrand”, but have yet to hear the likes of Hitchens or the Times’s stridently Conservative Tim Montgomerie described by BBC presenters as “rightwing firebrands”.

    It is a campaign based on myths and deception, but it is extraordinarily clever. It allows the right to police the BBC: to make the corporation fearful of crossing certain lines, and to ensure that the right sets the political agenda. Leftwingers are reluctant to return fire for fear they will help to fatally undermine the BBC. After all, its existence is refutation of the dogma of “private good, public bad”, and much of the right would like to privatise it. The Murdoch empire, only temporarily cowed, is always circling: a few years ago, James Murdoch attacked the “dominant BBC” and called the scope of its activities “chilling”. But the left’s reticence is symptomatic of a wider phenomenon – of a right with few scruples about going on the offensive, while the left adopts a relentlessly defensive posture.


    The truth is the BBC is stacked full of rightwingers. The chairman of the BBC Trust is Chris Patten, a former Conservative cabinet minister. The BBC’s political editor, Nick Robinson, was once chairman of the Young Conservatives. His former senior political producer, Thea Rogers, became George Osborne’s special advisor in 2012. Andrew Neil, the presenter of the BBC’s flagship political programmes Daily Politics and This Week, is chairman of the conservative Spectator magazine. His editor is Robbie Gibb, former chief of staff to the Tory Francis Maude. After the BBC’s economics editor Stephanie Flanders left for a £400,000-a-year job at that notorious leftwing hotbed, JP Morgan, she was replaced by its business editor Robert Peston. His position was taken by Kamal Ahmed from the rightwing Sunday Telegraph, a journalist damned by the Guardian’s Nick Davies for spinning government propaganda in the run-up to the Iraq war.

    BBC stalwart John Humphrys last week joined the chorus of voices alleging “liberal bias” at the BBC. Here is a man who was slapped down by the BBC’s own trust last year for violating impartiality and accuracy guidelines in BBC2’s The Future State of Welfare. It was an extraordinarily biased piece of TV that fuelled widespread myths about social security. With such coverage, this “liberal-biased” BBC shares the blame for leaving the public completely ill-informed, with, for example, voters estimating that 34 times more money is lost through benefit fraud than is actually the case.

    Tory politicians favour the BBC as a useful recruitment service too. After Andy Coulson was driven from No 10, David Cameron replaced him with the then BBC news controller Craig Oliver. Boris Johnson’s former communications supremo was the former BBC political correspondent Guto Harri; after moving to News International in 2012, he was replaced by the BBC’s Westminster news editor, Will Walden.

    Rather than having a leftwing bias, research actually suggests the BBC’s output is biased towards establishment and rightwing sources. A study by Cardiff University academics found that while there is always a bias towards political incumbents, the ratio in favour of Conservative politicians appearing on BBC news is far greater than it was in favour of Labour figures when Gordon Brown was prime minister. Business representatives appear much more than they do on commercial news, and appear 19 times more frequently than trade union voices on the BBC Six O’Clock News.

    When the financial system went into meltdown, BBC interviews were dominated by City voices like stockbrokers and hedge fund managers, rather than critics of a sector that had plunged the country into disaster.

    Take the privatisation of the NHS: it is barely given any coverage by the BBC, and when it is, it is repeatedly presented on the government’s terms. When the legislation was voted through, the BBC reported it as “Bill which gives power to GPs passes.”

    The same goes for foreign issues, too. When Israel invaded Gaza in 2009 the BBC provoked uproar when it refused to give the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal any airtime. It was left to the late Tony Benn to read out the number on air, while BBC journalists who asked to put their names to the appeal were privately warned they would be sacked.

    In part, this is the legacy of the BBC’s bruising battle with New Labour over the Iraq war, which led to its chairman, director general and journalist Andrew Gilligan being driven from the corporation. The episode left the BBC supine and fearful. Its news output is deeply reactive, rather than agenda-setting, structured along the lines of government announcements.

    For too long, the right has got away with weaving a fairytale of BBC leftwing bias. Until the left starts complaining – and loudly too – the BBC’s agenda will be shaped by supporters of government, big business, the free market and western foreign policy. That does not just subvert honest journalism: it undermines our democracy.

  22. stevep

    No, I stated that it was not difficult to monster them as they did a good job of it themselves. Anyone with half a brain could do it, even you.

    You sure you don`t work for the SunMail? you use the same 30 year-old rhetoric!

    Freedom, sorry, Plutocracy for Tooting, Wolfie!

  23. WhiteVanMan

    Assuming the party still exists by then ,if there’s less than 40,000 votes 60 years from now,they may call it a day,

  24. WhiteVanMan

    Surprised She wasn’t asked about it on Daily politics on the BBC today.

  25. WhiteVanMan

    The Daily mail newspaper was the biggest supporter of the police at the time, of the miners strike,part due to the police doing the dirty work of the Tory government at the time, stopping flying pickets preventing workers attend their jobs, during unlawful strikes, a few years later the mail would fall out with the police completely, partly due to their lack of investigation to a black youth Stephen lawrence, who their editor knew, partly due to the police opposing the pay cuts the Tories tried to introduce with the Sheehy review,after the police use of taking on unions was over, but mainly due to the event that followed with Colin Stagg.
    The police in trying to save face, kept pushing to the Mail,they’d got the right man,knowing fall well they hadnt, by drip feeding the Mail with hint and innuendo, bits of information that Stagg was a psychopath, suggesting he was involved in other murders, to the point Nickells widower had repeated them in the mail, implying he was guilty and the 500 year old law, that when a person was cleared of murder, they couldn’t face a retrial,in the name of double jeopardy,
    The Mail of course had said when 3 white youths were cleared of Stephen Lawrence murder in 1997′ that they were guilty after all,not being able to afford to sue them, the headline went unchallenged, by 2002 the police knew with DNA evidence they had another prime suspect for the killing of Nickell, but they wouldn’t admit it,and the unfair suspicion was still on Stagg, to the point the Mail ,knew if he could afford it , Stagg could have sued Nickells widower for libel and the Mail too. in 2008 Stagg was finally given compensation by the police, he hadn’t done a thing wrong ,with his reputation gone , but the hatred the Mail, created towards him, Nickells widower ,said he didn’t deserve any compensation, Nickells widower later apologised to Stagg, blaming the police

  26. WhiteVanMan

    1999 The Macpherson inquiry was set up Based on the assumption that the right people had done it, but if more evidence came up, the law of double jeopardy should be changed. As the private prosecution had rightly thrown out the only evidence Duwayne Brooks statement and the Inspector in charge praised in the report had been forced to admit there wasn’t any evidence they’d done it, the only assumption that they’d done it was the Daily Mail Headline.
    the press coverage with assumptions they had done it, meant that they’d been found guilty before the trial or evidence, is that those who have doubts are dismissed as discredited or racist.

  27. Comrade Fisher

    Surprise, surprise, bad policies and looking after the rich is OK, Good but unpopular policies and looking after the poor is wrong. Yet the tory press have the gall to complain abut BBC bias.

  28. Comrade Fisher

    Working class tory voters are either social climbers or morons, when push comes to shove their going to look after a Lord or double-barrelled middle classer, before somebody on the dole or in a crap job. I like Corbyn and his policies, trouble is it’s going to make the filth even more right wing, so goodbye to the NHS and free health care, hello to compulsory health insurance. Goodbye to benefits, hello to private unemployment insurance and the return of workhouses. And who will provide all this for the Government? The highest bidder from a long list of tory party donors.

  29. woolfiesmiff

    Stevie P thanks for a prime example of a tirade and rant par excellence.

    This is what I said about the BBC

    the BBC ( a left wing organisation) has far far more media clout than ALL the dwindling newspaper readership put together.

    Dear deluded nutter stevie p the BBC clout is a cast iron fact. The BBC has more viewers/readers than all the print media combined.

    You can find half a dozen or so people with right wing connections out of 20,000. Well I’ll see your right wingers and raise you Gavin Davies former Director General and Greg Dyke former Director general both active Labour party members , former Labour Minister James Purnell Director of Strategy, Alan Yentob , Evan Davies Sarah Afshar, etc etc etc

    The left needs to wake up and smell the coffee, You keep trying to explain your lack of support all down to a bogey man media influencing ignorant plebs.

    Er Labour privatised the NHS not the Tories, oh and just so you know GP’s have NEVER worked for the NHS, they’re self employed.

    As I said I’m NOT a Tory or UKIP, I’m NOT right wing, I’m a working class boy, from an inner London council estate who left school aged 14 and taught myself to read and write. I’m a multimillionaire businessman and entrepreneur and I’m a FREE MARKET SOCIALIST ( look it up)

    You on the other hand are just plain dumb

  30. woolfiesmiff

    So what? The Daily Mail is a vile lying newspaper….whats that got to do with what I said? What is it with you ultra lefties and your inability to think logically or to follow a simple argument?

  31. woolfiesmiff

    Well Stevie I’m sure the Tories can say exactly the same about Corbyn and McDonnell so I think your are still talking yourself into agreeing. Denis Healey said “when you’re in a hole, stop digging”

    No I don’t work for newsprint media, I’m an entrepreneur who spends most of my time trying to finish off crap news media like the Mail, Sun, Mirror and Guardian

    How would you know what happened 30 years ago, your style of debate would indicate you’re not much past 15

  32. stevep

    Oh dear, Wolfie Boy, you`ve really lost the plot! It`s a good job us Lefties have a sense of humour!
    Having smoked you out as being one of the wealthy few, it`s small wonder you seek to defend your position and close ranks. Let`s hope you share all that wealth in some way by treating and paying your employees well, recognising Trades Unions, ensuring security of employment etc. All in the name of “Free Market Socialism”, of course.
    Just remember, when you`re browsing through “What Yacht” magazine, salivating over your dream purchase and your employees come to you needing a pay rise to make ends meet, we`ll all sleep easier knowing you`re going to do the right thing. In the name of “Free Market Socialism”, of course.
    It`s great you`ve realised your dream and ended up where you want to be, just don`t seek to deny others their dreams.
    Most people just want a steady well-paid job so they can raise a family and hope that the future is similar for them. That dream has been denied to the majority by 35 years of far-right dogmatic party politics.
    In fact, millions of working people need state benefits just to keep their heads above water. Not only is it subsidisation of profit-making, it is just plain wrong.
    At least Labour under Corbyn plan to do something about it, not just pretend it isn`t happening and sweep it under the carpet.
    Yes, I do know about Labour and the NHS, and yes, about doctors too!
    As for the BBC, you must know an awful lot of staff to be able to say that there are 19,990+ lefties working for them!
    Funny things, perceptions. 60,000+ people have recently signed a petition demanding that BBC presenters show balance by Calling Cameron Right Wing as well as their usual position of calling Jeremy Corbyn Left Wing.
    I expect they all raving Lefties.
    Us Lefties woke up and smelt the coffee a long time ago, that`s why Jeremy Corbyn is now leader of the Labour Party.
    The thing is, an awful lot of people out there are starting to smell the coffee too, and are ready to do something about it.
    Toodle Pip, Wolfie, old fruit!
    Freedom for the “Free Market Socialist” state of Tooting!

  33. stevep

    Yes, I can remember perfectly well what happened 30, 40 and even 50 years ago and know why it happened, who it happened to, the consequences of it happening et. etc.

    That`s why I spend valuable time debating these issues on this site with all manner of people.

    You deprecated my style of debate. I tailor it to attacking right wing trolls who feel the need to show up on this site.

    I`m sure you stated in a previous rant that the right wing press had little influence on voters opinions. So Corbyn and McDonnell etc. have little to worry about.

    You seem worried, though.

    You say you spend most of your time trying to finish off crap news media, good. My commendation to you. However, some of it must have rubbed off on you, for sadly, and frankly, you talk a load of crap!

    It`s unbecoming of you. I`m sure as a self-educated chap in a responsible position you could find a better choice of words. I`m quite capable of being abusive myself and sometimes vent my frustration on the odd Troll, but mostly prefer to deal with people with knowledge, humour and a little irony!

    Love, Peace and Happiness, Wolfie, my old fruit!

    And Freedom for the Quasi-democratic, mostly Autocratic Free Market Socialist state of Tooting!

  34. woolfiesmiff

    Smoked me out ? Lol more like what are you smoking. Smoked me out ha ha ha I willingly and gladly told you that I’m a very successful businessman, all built on my own talent with no privileges just hard, working class, common sense. I proudly employ 100’s of people and contribute vast amounts of tax to enable us to have effective public services . None of my employees, not one, comes to me needing to make ends meet. In fact a few of them earn vastly more than i do. Really Stevie P you and your dinosaur mates really ought to join the 21st century. The workers now really do own the means of production. If you idiots didn’t support their stupid EU Corporate Capitalist Support organisation , we’d have free markets and far more equality a damn site sooner. I’m proud that free markets have made me and the entire 60 million citizens of the UK the top 7% of global wealthy.

    I don’t like yachts, I get sea sick.

  35. woolfiesmiff

    By the way Stevie your rant about in work benefits is valid as it happens, of course that was introduced by Gordon Brown under a Labour Govt. However I agree that we need to move away from that and that a living wage is essential to make that happen. You don’t have too wait for Corbyn its already going to happen.

    We now have the highest number of people in full time employment EVER at 30 million. There are currently 750,000 unfilled full time vacancies and now more than 5.6 million SME’s. The latest figures show that SME’s are on course to create another 1.4 million new full time jobs in the next 18 months.

    50% of current unemployed are actually immigrants, bought in by Labour & EU mates in order to try to undermine workers.

    We are starting new businesses at a rate that make the UK the worlds number 2 business start up country, not only that but the survival rate past the critical first year is now 90%. UK manufacturing has now moved up to 5th in the world too. None of this is down to the Tory government theyve no more idea why this is happening than you have. Its a workers free market revolution. You and your handful of Corbynistas are still fighting the 1970’s. The working class now really does own the means of production.

  36. woolfiesmiff

    Ah typical patronising waffle from a failure. I’m happy to tell you what I do. I own a range of digital portals, local digital media and community business incubators. I own a software data mining company and research analytics business and a small drugs research lab.

    Neither the right wing or left wing press have much influence on voters per se as you have this the WRONG WAY ROUND. The press panders to the beliefs of their audience . Its why the left wing press has far fewer readers. There is far fewer of them .

    When are you thinking about contributing something useful to society?

  37. stevep

    Rather than asking how many jobs have been created, ask what kind of jobs. Well paid, secure and enough hours to make ends meet?
    I think not, and the taxpayer is picking up the bill in benefit payments.
    All Osborne will be doing will be giving with one hand and taking away more with the other. Solves nothing.
    Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party will re-engineer the whole mess, moving forwards, not backwards, like the Tories would like, to pre WW2 social standards.

  38. Cole

    The BBC a left wing organisation? What planet do you live on? Or maybe you think anything that’s not the Daily Telegraph is ‘left wing’. It’s as bonkers as the Corbynistas who denounce the Guardian as being ‘Tory’.

  39. Cole

    Left Foot Forward is neither a Labour blog nor is it likely to have any relationship with ‘thugs’. I don’t remember reading articles here calling for the end of capitalism.

  40. Cole

    And why shouldn’t we expose the outrageous lies and distortion of the feral Tory press.

  41. Dave Stewart

    Right lets challenge some of your ill conceived ideas. approximately 97% of money in circulation is created by private banks when then make loans out of nothing (the magic money tree is you will). That means that it is private banks that get to decide how that new money is used and get to profit from it. Primarily it goes into property and financial assets such as derivatives which while they make banks lots of money actively destabilize our economy. If you don’t believe me I suggest you read a bank of England report call “Money creation in the modern economy”, I’m sure you can google it.

    Furthermore as has been previously pointed since the 2008 crash £375 billion has been created by quantitative easing which has almost exclusively been used to pay down banks balance sheets and further non-productive speculation. It is estimated that some 40% of the benefit of this QE has gone to the top 5% wealthiest household because they are most likely to hold financial and property assets and the money created has only stoked these rather than actually do anything productive, you know like building hospitals or factories. So if you like th emagic money tree terminology you could say that thanks to Osbourne and the Bank of England the magic money tree has been used for the betterment of the already wealthy.

    What Corbyn has suggested is that this same process of QE (not printing money as that is far too simplistic and explanation of what QE entails, if you want to know I’m sure you’re capable of googling it yourself) could be used to provide investment in actual productive things such as national infrastructure and investment in public services. Building and upgrading much needed infrastructure for everyones benefit (especially private business) will employ people (reducing the welfare bill) and if done smartly greatly support British business through the supply chain and contracting work. So again back to the money tree, Corbyns suggestion does not actually stop private banks from creating money and capturing the benefits form this process but it does allow government (and indirectly everyone, including business) to benefit from the creation of a relative of this new money from the magic money tree.

    I fail to see how anyone could be against such a proposal given that it makes so much sense. Also before you go on about inflation, I will respond. Current levels of inflation in historically very very lo (same as interest rates), obviously under any fiscal expansion it is necessary to monitor the level of inflation to be sure that it is not stoked too much. However Corbyn has never once said that this policy would be a free for all or that it would go on indefinitely. Those words have been put in his mouth by people opposed to his ideas. Also I presume that you as a businessman understand the importance of borrowing to fund investment in order to secure greater future growth. Why may I ask you does this make sense for a business but not a nation?

  42. stevep

    I don`t smoke, Wolfie, Tobacco or anything else. Never have done, never will.

    I`m very happy that you are a successful businessman and even happier that you seem to employ a good number of people.
    But I don`t represent you or other wealthy people who think the world is their oyster and everyone else who disagrees must be deluded.

    I represent the 13 million people living in Britain who live on a day-today basis below the poverty line who think a slice of the cake would be very nice. That includes many of the self-employed who don`t appear to be as “entrepreneurial” as you are.

    As for joining the 21st century, we have a Government who are hell-bent on returning Britain to the 19th century, socially
    and economically, so I wouldn`t lecture too much about that, if I were you.

    As for dinosaurs, they lived for millions of years quite happily until a catastrophic event intervened. I doubt the human race has the same tenacity for survival. In fact, if we don`t learn to live together and share our dwindling resources, I don`t give us long at all.

    As far as “Free” markets are concerned, they have reduced more people to penury than made them wealthy. There`s very little of “Free” about them.

    The Landed, the wealthy, the big corporations etc. live in a sort of wealthy almost-socialist club where state handouts, tax breaks, tax havens, benefits to the poor so profits aren’t disturbed soften the blow of being a millionaire. The rest of us have the Free market inflicted on us nationally and globally with the economic chaos that comes with it and billions have to live with.

    Very skewed and unequal.

    I don`t care for yachts either and I get sick.

    Sick of poverty, sick of inequality, sick of decent people not able to find decent jobs, sick of the lack of democracy and accountability in this country, sick of government attacks on the most vulnerable in our society.

    But most of all I am sick to my stomach of millionaires trying to deny it`s happening.

    Freedom for the democratic republic of Tooting, Wolfie.

  43. stevep

    Trying very hard not to patronise, it would be too easy.

    No, I`m not a failure, neither are the millions of people who quietly go about their work and daily business. That`s just your perception. A sadly skewed one.

    The wealthy and powerful in any form of society have used oral traditions and later, the written word to keep themselves empowered and everyone else in check.
    From Monks hand-copying manuscripts to the invention of the printing press, the written word was a source of power and mystery, coveted by the few and denied to most others.

    Literacy was almost a way into a form of secret society.

    Like I mentioned, the printing press made it easier to spread the written word, as long as you could read Latin.

    Assuming a universal standard of literacy,If you are able to control what people read you can control how they think. If the newspaper is the only route to information, then you are in a position of power. All dictators understood that.

    Most people in the UK were barely literate well into the 20th century.

    The consumer society, where people could buy things on a whim has only been with us since the late 1950`s. The media used advertising as their form of propaganda to encourage people to buy things they never new they wanted. A new form of power and control.

    People only essentially believe what they are encouraged to believe by parents, friends, society, the media.
    If the media had little influence on people then the entire advertising industry wouldn`t exist. They know all the psychological tricks in the book about how easily people are influenced.

    it`s great we`ve got the internet in the last few years, the information age has really just begun. We can get information from anywhere, instantly.
    That`s why the elite and their sycophants won`t keep the lid on thing for much longer, despite their best efforts.

    That`s why Labour will be in a far stronger position than currently given credit for.

    See ya Wolfie.

    Plutocracy for Tooting!

  44. woolfiesmiff

    I read the first line of your rant, it is totally and utterly incorrect and shows you know NOTHING about money and how it works.

    Your complete failure to understand how current QE works, Hint its the Gilts market, is woeful. The last Labour Govt along with this Tory Govt has BORROWED huge amounts of money from the banking system in order to INCREASE public sector spending ( go look up the figures). This is UNSUSTAINABLE. Try googling Weimar Republic, Zimbabwe or Venezuela for lessons in why this doesn’t work

    QE is BORROWING money from Banks and achieves EXACTLY what YOU railed against in your opening sentence . Thats why Peoples QE won’t work as it will just run up MORE debt ( to banks) & a LARGER deficit . If what you said was remotely correct there would be absolutely NO REASON to tax anyone anything . Good grief

    There is ONE WAY and one way only to increase wealth in the economy and that is to develop businesses, increase productivity, increase overseas exports of manufactured goods and services and to create more jobs. Everything else is rearranging deck chairs .

    Your question

    “Also I presume that you as a businessman understand the importance of borrowing to fund investment in order to secure greater future growth. Why may I ask you does this make sense for a business but not a nation?”

    This on the face of it is a reasonable question so let me try and answer that with an example.

    A business borrows say £1m to develop a new car emissions software system. If ( and its a big risk) they manage to produce a piece of software that the market wants, they then have a UNIQUE product at a premium selling price. So they sell 2000 units at £1000 each, they make enough to pay back the loan and interest and to grow the business. At that stage as other players enter the market they can afford to reduce the unit cost as their overheads have diminished and expand their market and therefore their business grows.

    If the government borrows £1m to improve a road. They have NOTHING with which to directly recoup the capital cost and interest. They hope that the road will enable more people to use it in order to generate more business that might result in more tax revenue ( which is the governments only source of income), that tax revenue will then be used to pay down the cost and interest. Now heres the kicker the cost of product development is totally different to infrastructure. You see whilst you might enhance a product using the pre tax profit generated by a product, infrastructure requires ongoing cost of maintenance which you have to fund by either significantly raising taxes and or borrowing even more. Yes of course one of the main reasons we have a public sector at all is to provide that essential infrastructure however someone HAS to pay for it. It is a well established point that it is paid for by the consumer. Therefore tax is recouped in VAT and duty on fuel, VED etc. This 1) impacts the poorer members of society and 2) Can cause revenue to diminish as less people can afford to pay the costs and fewer people use the service. So it comes down to what in business is called ROI and that is a calculation you make before you can borrow the money. The government has NO legitimate way of estimating the return on investment in infrastructure.

    In order for the government to have investment like a business they would have to build things like a road or airport which they then DIRECTLY charged the consumer to use, i.e. toll roads ( which is exactly how our original road network was built) or an airport usage levy.

    See the House of Commons report into this here

    Please let me know how much money Corbyn is going to borrow, what he is “investing” it in, what the total cost of that borrowing will be and by what date we will have paid back the capital and interest and start as you say “earning ” from it.

    I’m answering your question about the difference between business investment and government investment. I’m NOT saying that the government should never engage in infrastructure development ( it is clearly a major role of government)

    As to me reading the BoE report ha ha if only you knew….Lol

  45. Harold

    Borrow even more what do you mean? Osbourne has borrowed more than all the Labour Governments combined, to achieve what, even more than the last one between 2005/10 who had to bail out the banks as well. If I heard the speeches right it was to balance current spending, which was Labour Policy as far back as Snowden in the 20’s then borrow at the really low interest rates for Capital Investment, or should we ask the Chines to fund it? Secondly how much money has been printed under QE? Clue it runs to billions. Thirdly I thought I heard the only Part Leader who has spoke up about supporting the industries which employ 1-9 as a workforce, not like the present Government who in the last couple of budgets have introduced measures which will happen the small business world. If ordinary people think Corbyn is deluded might they also be the same people who believe Osbourne has a plan and the economy is doing well?

  46. frank100

    Anarchists are not Labour Orr controlled by Labour in anyway, they are Anarchists, so don’t try to put that on Labour.

  47. frank100

    Twitter contributors speak for themselves not the Labour Party , have a look round yourself at the names used by Tory supporters
    . If damping by association is all you have its a rather weak case.

  48. WhiteVanMan


  49. Darren Cahil

    tu quoque

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