Comment: anti-Muslim hatred is a self-fulfilling prophecy

Those who discriminate against Muslims are playing directly into the hands of IS


Anti-Muslim hatred leads people directly into the hands of IS recruiters and aggravates the very issue of radicalisation that we are trying to avert. The more people act out of fear and cause Muslims to be ostracised in our society, the greater the chances of them turning to extremism.

If all Muslims are approached as if they were extremists, with hostility and hatred, they may indeed develop such extremist views in order to defend themselves from this treatment.

Recent figures show that anti-Muslim hate crimes are up by 70 per cent. These crimes vary from cyber-bullying to extreme violence, but it appears that women, particularly those who are identifiably Muslim through their clothing, are targeted more frequently than others. As a result, many Muslims feel under attack and vulnerable in their own country, something that should surely be avoided in a liberal democratic state like ours.

Those who discriminate against Muslims are doing exactly what IS want. As hate crimes are committed, Muslims are cornered into looking elsewhere for protection, identity and solutions. This vacuum leaves Muslims vulnerable and thus more open to extremist exploitation.

IS propaganda is specifically designed to target those who are unfulfilled, defenceless or aggrieved. As Quilliam’s Charlie Winter has put it, IS ‘sell themselves as champions of social justice, law, order and defiance in the face of the ‘oppressor”. Hate crimes and anti-Muslim bigotry push people into a state that makes them more open to IS propaganda and, therefore, more vulnerable to radicalisation.

Hate crimes affect not only the current generation but also our children. We know environmental factors play a key role in growing up for young people. As hate crimes surge, the next generation is increasingly exposed to views that incorrectly paint all Muslims as extremists. This may cause Muslim children to grow up vulnerable to radicalisation, defensive about their faith, and less likely to integrate into British society. This defence can quickly turn to offence as more radicalising triggers present themselves.

Moreover, hate crimes hinder the public image of counter-extremism by unintentionally creating the façade that Islam, rather than Islamism, is being opposed. Counter-extremism tackles radicalisation and extremism as phenomena and is opposed to those who commit or support ideologically-motivated intolerance, violent or otherwise, to further political aims.

If Muslims are being attacked for their faith rather than Islamists challenged for their bigotry, we reduce ourselves to the very intolerance we are trying to fight. This is why human rights are so important to counter-extremism.

Rather than acting out of hate, those concerned about extremism should respond in more constructive ways:

1. We should defend the right for freedom from discrimination and the rights for people to practise their own religion or wear religious attire. We are all entitled to these freedoms, regardless of race, gender, religion or sexuality.

2. We must stop confusing the religion of Islam with the political ideology of Islamist extremism. That way, when we challenge extremists, we will not cause prejudice or impair anyone’s right to practise their faith.

3. When faced with extremism, whether Islamist, far-right or others, we should challenge it just as we would challenge bullying or racism. Preventing extremism is not a job solely for the government or security forces to uphold, but rather a role for everyone to engage in.

4. As TellMAMA identifies, we should engage with cross-cultural exchange and dialogue amongst all cultures, irrespective of faith differences. This will not only make our nation more open and accepting of varied backgrounds, but will also mean that Muslims can play a constructive role in challenging the extremism in their communities.

As a result of these constructive actions, people will feel increasingly at home in their own nation and IS propaganda will have less of a foothold. Critically, these actions are not only useful for combatting extremism; they are also vital components of life in Britain that are worth defending.

Therefore, as anti-Muslim hatred diminishes, so will the perceived need for it.

Jonathan Russell is a political liaison officer and Rachel Bryson is a researcher, both at Quilliam

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76 Responses to “Comment: anti-Muslim hatred is a self-fulfilling prophecy”

  1. Toby Brewer

    Thanks for your sympathy-we shouldn’t weep. We should fight back and reclaim Britannia…

  2. Toby Brewer

    In my opinion, it’s because any form is a threat to the western way of life…Any form of moderate Islam encourages extremism. EG. ISIS recruitment in Britain. Thanks mass-immigration!

  3. Den Warren

    Less killing is not a strong point. If you would put the true blame on “Christian” killing, you would find, instead Nazis, communists, and liberals, all ANTI-Christian. Christians can take the blame for starting hospitals, humanitarianism, etc.

  4. John Cameron

    We must revise our laws to ensure we remain a secular society. It is the goal of Islam to put us under sharia law.
    The refugees flooding into Europe will change things for all of us. Now is the time to make sure that no religious faction takes away our hard won freedom.
    No religious schools, society and law must not pay attention to any religious group.
    Churches mosques temples synagogues and all religious buildings and institutions should be taxed.
    No Sharia law courts, no special ways of killing animals for religious reasons
    No religious clothing for our civil servants.
    There must be a clear separation of religion and the state.

  5. 3aple

    Muslims who ignore the law are playing directly into the hands of anti-Muslims.
    Kuffar hatred is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    The people of the Middle East have a saying for foreigners that they expect people to respect, that “one “either comes as an honoured guest, or as an invader.”

    May we quote the same to them about our land?


  6. 3aple

    Here’s a group of desperate refugees DEMANDING to be allowed to flee to Finland and Norway from war torn Sweden.


  7. krishnan gurning-leftie

    you need to enter the real world.
    using the word muhammed in a film title causes offence and you get the threat of riots and violence.
    it doesn’t matter what we do.
    a random sample of muslims will turn to violence – their profit had a sword for every day of the week

  8. Kriegar

    Ad hominem attack upon who, you dolt? Do I smell a rightist?

  9. Kriegar

    ” I would be very proud if your child had this kind of stamina and personal strength.”

    If any of my kids tried to enter a country illegally to claim benefits I would kick their ass. If they risked their own life to sponge off other people I would disown them.

    You have no moral compass and no worthwhile personal values. You are a socialist.

    But I repeat myself.

    Clearly, you are a hateful, ignorant little man. Troll someone else, dolt. If your children were refugees, and you kicked their ass for saving themselves, I would kick your ass. Personally. Furthermore, you are clearly either a Commie, or a Fascist. YOU have no moral compass, no worthwhile personal values, and most assuredly, no decent manners, you cur. You can keep your ad hominem, cowardly attacks to yourself, my good friend. You haven’t the slightest clue WHAT you are driveling on about, to begin with. And of course you repeat yourself. Symptoms of either Alzheimers’, or being mentally handicapped, to be sure. I volunteered to serve my country, you little snot. Have you done anything at all with your wretched little life? I mean, besides trolling others?

  10. Kriegar

    Not totally human? Wowww. Doomed to eternal damnation? Says WHO? Whoa re you to judge them, or anyone, for that matter, when it comes to what God will do on judgement day?

  11. Kriegar

    “Richard Abbott 5 days ago

    Projection – what are you doing about it? Other than nagging at other people for not doing enough.”

    In point of fact, projecting is what you are doing here. Further still, it was not I who was whining about others doing enough-which you would have known well, were you reasonably literate.

  12. Kriegar

    “Ahhh – so the per capital provincial debt in Ontario (ignoring unfunded future liabilities) being worse than Greece is nothing of substance? Either you can’t count or you live in Saskatchewan. Either way you’re better off than a numerate taxpayer living in Ontario”

    My God, what a blithering idiot you are. I do not live in Canada, period. What if God’s name is your unholy attraction to me? Go find a woman, or something, if they would have you.

  13. Kriegar

    Richard Abbott 5 days ago

    “tried to be honorable” lets be clear – every person we let into a country with a public heath care system, and fails to contribute into the system, takes resources away from people who pay into that system.

    He tried to look out for number one – at the cost of other people. The fact that the rest of the people in the boat just left him to die highlights the cultural difference between ‘us’ and ‘them’.

    He was a ‘kid’? The article claims he was a computer engineer. Was he a child prodigy as well? Was also working on a cure for cancer? Could he fly?

    Your rhetoric demonstrates the intellectual decrepitude of your position. Nonsense built on nonsense built on lies. Ahhh Socialism……

    And yet again, with you. Socialism. You f’n moron, you live in Canada? And you are complaining to me, of socialism? We have more than enough issues, such as those you’re whining about, right here in the states. And it hardly takes a “cultural difference” for one ass out of a boatload to have murderous, or self-interested intent. Just look at the Nances on the Titanic, taking the place of women and children in order to save themselves. Nances, frankly, like you. You and yur abject bigotry, again. Yeah, he was a Gd kid. And if, by that definition, he was a child prodigy, which he clearly seemed to be anyway, by his very clear grit and determination alone, then so f’n be it. You sure as hell seem to think that you can fly, you propagandist moron, so why on earth might you think that no one else can? This business here does not involve you, your people, nor your country, so what in the hell is your personal interest in attacking me? Is it my cologne, or something? Do you have any clue what so ever what the terms immigrant, and refugee mean, or what the difference is, between the two? Do you spend this much time harassing everyone on the internet, or are you simply this interested in me?

    What ever your issue is, go get a life.

  14. Kriegar

    Richard Abbott 5 days ago

    It writes in glowing terms about the illegal attempt to cross a border and claim benefits that he has no right to (from a refugee camp where was already out of danger). It was written in a way that glorifies his actions as some shining moral cause. The grammar was awful, the sentence construction was poor and the general use of language was sub Canadian high school standard.

    Other than that I would say it is just another day at the NP.

    Clearly, he paid money to get from point A, to point B, on a boat. When this child risked his life for the benefit of others, he was abandoned at sea for his troubles. He did nothing of which you claim, and simply demanded of those whom he paid, that he receive the services that he paid for. It would seem to me, that your bigoted type would call that HEROISM, greedy as your type generally is, anyway. No one, and particularly not the author of the article in question, wrote about his sojourn in any such way as you claim. Rather, they wrote about his survival efforts under such extreme circumstances, and his successful determination to reunite with his loved ones. As far as your criticisms of his grammatical efforts, they are most assuredly on par with yours, so you should lodge a complaint with your High School. After all, you’re the Canadian doing all the crying. And even worse, you take your hemmorhoidal situation regarding the author, and use that ire to beat up on some 16 year old kid. Interesting, you old boor. I don’t know how on earth your family, nor your neighbors, put up with you. I know I certainly would not. But then, I suspect you are entirely too much the coward to actually harass people who could give it right back to you in person. I had no idea that they bred such morons as you, in Canada. I thank God that my grandfather was not one of them.

  15. SonOfTheIsles

    “Isn’t the Multi Cult state wonderful?!

    I am pro gay marriage, equal rights for women and the humane treatment of animals.

    I also want to allow millions of people into the country who hate gays, treat women like dirt and have no regard for the natural world.

    And some people think I am crazy???”

  16. Richard Abbott

    Wrong comment thread, you tool.
    Funny though.

  17. steroflex

    I am merely stating what the Koran al Karim repeats like a chorus. The people who cover up (Kufarim) the Truth as revealed to the Prophet are doomed to eternal Hellfire.
    In fairness, Mohammed, the Prophet, was, according to several Hadith, determined to stress that neither he nor any other human was the eternal judge.
    I am not sure how many Salafs have actually read the Hadith though…
    Me? As I said, I am a catholic and we have our own theories and dogmas.

  18. steroflex

    ” Most mosques and Islamic instruction derive from Salafist sources these days.”
    How do you know this?

  19. Richard Abbott

    Sorry – just got around to reading this – funny. I carry a Canadian Passport, but am not originally Canadian. I have lived in many countries and currently I do not reside in Canada. No doubt that I have lived among people of more cultures and races than you have – also no doubt that I have contributed more to society in general – both intellectually and financially. This I know.

    I am quite happy dealing with people face to face on any subject – I have a reputation for being rather confrontational – I rather enjoy it.
    I expect that you are not as you are more interesting in developing insults rather than making a salient point or a coherent reply to anyone else’s point. You can’t do that too often to peoples faces without ending up annoying someone with a short fuse who will ‘take you around the back for a good kicking’. I expect that you are an individual that lacks the stones to discuss these kind of issues in person with people who oppose you.
    You use a fake profile name – I use my real name. That tells me all I need to know about your moral courage. Flat. Zero.
    Have the spine to use your real name. You are either ashamed of your name or ashamed of having your views associated with your name. Weak and afraid, bereft of any claim to moral or intellectual high ground, little boy, Kriegar the magnificent! Ahhhh – you make me laugh and that is a good thing.

    As to the rest of your personal diatribe – ho hum. It tells me more about you that you have revealed to me about myself. But that is the point of therapy isn’t it? I hope you have found some measure of internal peace now.

  20. Eoireitum

    No answer….here’s a few for you to consider. Ottoman Empire 19th and 20th century, slavery in the 19th century (Libya/sub-Sahara) – to which we might pit a ‘christian’ form of colonialism. Are you saying that Germans killed for reasons of adherence to a particular christian sect? Everyone, imho, seemed to despise the Jews – so I’m not sure who the 20 million you are referring are – and whose deaths are inspired by christian dogmatic disagreements (amongst themselves or other faiths)?
    Sorry to insist but I have a feeling that the Christians got over their religious wars by the early 18th century – whereas islam is still working it through…..

  21. Kriegar

    “also no doubt that I have contributed more to society in general – both intellectually and financially”

    No doubt that you baselessly make claims that you have no way of knowing to be true. No doubt that you are generally just a cocksucker, who thinks he is better than other people. What you are is a pussy, a troll, and a coward. So shut up. go back in your little cave in your mommy’s basement, and get an actual life. I, unlike you, am culturally and intellectually fulfilled enough that I do not have insecurities that lead me to denigrate others. You, an ass and a boor, have no culture, no manners, and no education of which to speak. I suspect that you are neither confrontational, nor nearly as ballsy as you claim. I suspect that you are a whole lot of mouth. with a narcissistic complex, who is a mouse in public. Gutless, feminine, unintelligent, and boring. But, if you can ever bring your white trash, no value self out in public, come see me, you little puss, and I will give you the slapdown your mommy should have. You fucking keyboard gangsters. Trolls. You think that you intimidate everyone else, because your own words have you pissing in your pants, but in reality, you intimidate no one. So give me an address or take one from me, and put up, or shut the fuck up. Wife beating bitch. You are a coward who is ashame dto use his own name, pussy. Probably using your crusty-assed grandfathers, or something. I have no idea where you get your lying bullshit that I use a fake profile name, lady. I am who I am. And I wouldn’t waste time taking you, or anyone else,”out back”, I would mop the floor with you right where you kneel to blow me. Of all the unmitigated gall, some pointless diatribe producing wimp like you, projecting all of your failed attempts at manhood on someone else. I served my country, you gutless wonder. I volunteered to do it. What in the holy hell have you done, other than leech off of your parents, and society? You, my good friend, are a nothing. A nobody. So take your pointless rants and wipe your nasty ass on them, at least then they might have some value/ You just sucked some wasteful milliseconds out of everyones’ lives with your crap. Now go do something IRL. You have no morals, no moral compass, no responsibility, nor any redeeming social value.

  22. Kriegar

    Thank you. I must have totally misunderstood your post.

  23. Kriegar

    You fucking retard, I knew that in the first place; but you aren’t going to run and hide your cowardly ass that easy, lady.

  24. Richard Abbott

    It is disappointing that your service to your country taught you nothing.

    Still using a fake name? And you want my address. You have my name and I’ve told you a lot about my past – you can find me if you want.
    All I have of you is your preschool playground superhero pretend play name.

    Still with the moral courage eh? You dare not put your real name to the things you write.

    You need to find a way to get over your shame. Give me your real name.

    An a side point – when socialist warrior, PC justice types start using racist and homophobic slurs it ruins your intellectual credibility with everyone who has a brain. You’ll be fine with almost all the other socialists because most of them are not very bright and the ones who are relatively clever have no morals.

    I don’t mind principled socialists – but they are so ‘old school’ nowadays – still a few around. Take a few lessons from them

    1) Don’t be racist or homophobic
    2) Don’t threaten violence

    If you are going to be violent – just do it – you don’t warn your opponent.

    Basics, laddy, basics…..

    Anyway – lots of colorful prose – very nice. A little naive, but entertaining. Still afraid to use his own name. 6/10.

  25. Richard Abbott

    Here I am sugar lips.
    Daddy’s waiting to school you again.

  26. Larry Mutter

    So I can critique Conservatism and be progressive ,but critique of the ultimate conservatism,Islam,makes me “phobic”The Left is alienating the working class it supposedly represents by taking up the cause for the real”extremists.

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