Coalition Britain: hungry children eating out of bins

Hungry children in Stoke-on-Trent have been rummaging through bins looking for something to eat.

Hungry children in Stoke-on-Trent have been rummaging through bins looking for something to eat, leading to experts being called in by the council to assess the problem.

Stoke-on-Trent City Council is reportedly setting up a Hardship Commission to get to grips with the issues facing the poorest people in the region after a local paper reported that local children were “scavenging through bins to eat leftovers”:

“Youngsters have been searching through bins in the Hollings Street and Brocksford Street area of Fenton before eating any leftovers…Concerned residents have raised the issue at a police meeting in Fenton.”

A commission has now been set up by the council to look at account evidence from individuals who have been affected by poverty and hardship.

The commission is being urged to look at payday loan companies and calls for more employers to pay the Living Wage to the city’s lowest-paid workers, according to the Sentinel.

Local MP Rob Flello has blamed the disturbing development on coalition cuts:

“The demand for help from foodbanks is increasing and I suspect the numbers are just the tip of the iceberg because they don’t include people who are too embarrassed to seek help or those who are surviving in other ways. But while foodbanks are doing a great job meeting desperate need, they cannot be seen as a long-term solution to food poverty.”

The revelations come at a time when it has been revealed that the top 20 per cent of households in Britain increased their disposable incomes last year. This at a time when most incomes fell.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) for 2011/12 to 2012/13 show that the Gini for disposable household income is now 33.2 for 2012/13 – up from 32.3 in 2011/12.

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26 Responses to “Coalition Britain: hungry children eating out of bins”

  1. robertcp

    It is clear that the UK’s welfare system is not generous enough, so we should not have any more nonsense about welfare reform from Progress etc.

  2. swatnan

    This is unbelievable. There is no absolute poverty in Britain, only relative poverty.
    Supermarkets are throwing masses of perfectly edible food away; its a disgrace, when it could be given to those in need. The Govt needs to step in and do something about tackling the Food Industry.
    Absolute poverty exists in the 3rd World, not here in Britain, so LFF should not be trying to create a crisis when there isn’t one.

  3. rat man

    Is this a joke article?

    Anecdotal evidence, no no, couldnt possibly be bad parents, must be the coalition.

  4. treborc1

    That god only Poverty not absolute poverty, people have heating and water to drink so poverty is just poverty, Tesco should be giving food away for free, yet that’s going to happen.

    Government needs to do more then llok at the food industry it need to sort out poverty and low benefits low wages, I know send them a book on how The Germans ended poverty.

  5. treborc1

    My total benefits dropped from £145 a week in total to £96 in total, I do not get free gas or electric or a free car. I find it almost impossible the reason my benefits dropped labour’s idea that only people who have worked all their lives should get the highest benefits so if your going to have an accident have it the year before you retire.

  6. Kryten2k35

    “Concerned residents have raised the issue at a police meeting in Fenton.”

    Well, fuck those “concerned” residents for calling the police.

  7. Leon Wolfeson

    That’s an apologia for the coalition. Things are getting worse, rapidly, and this is not unique.

    The cost of living is a little higher here than third world countries – and housing in particular is far higher than other Western countries, on average.

  8. Leon Wolfeson

    The ECHR ruled it was illegally low, in fact.

    But more importantly, in practice, it’s so harshly conditional that it excludes a massive proportion of those who in other Western countries would be able to claim without issues.

  9. Roderick Jackson

    I’m not sure whether you are lampooning or not. Many kids have adult “carers” that dress and go out and drink and do drugs. The kids are alone and hungry until they go out and meet up up with others to steal food or go through bins. Stefan Molyneux, prolific online philosopher, grew up like this.

  10. Roderick Jackson

    The psychopath or junkie mentality is to occasionaly feel guilt or fear and buy the child something it doesn’t need. Like a big breakfast of bacon, eggs, baked beans, toast, juice etc. Then get angry because the child can’t eat it.

  11. Cole

    The Tory line being that all poor people are drug addicts or just lazy.

  12. Cole

    Which is one reason why Tories hate the ECHR.

  13. Leon Wolfeson

    Actually, Labour condemned the ruling as well.

  14. Leon Wolfeson

    Tory? Labour have said the same.

  15. rat man

    This article presents NO evidence, no one has been “charged”, no one says who the kids are, no one knows why the parents cannot afford food, why they can’t get food from food banks (putting aside any arguement about their existance.

    This is amerturish rubbish, the only “evidence” is to pull out a load of statistics that may or may not have anything to do with these kids scrounging for money.

    Yet again this “evidence based blog” is anything but.

  16. PoundInYourPocket

    Typical case : Unemployed, miss a few appointments with Job Centre, JSA stopped for 26 weeks (or up to 3 years), no money, in debt, no family, already borrowed too much from friends; result is no food/minimal food for several days until hardship payments received (if at all). That is absolute poverty and is an all too commmon reality in Britain.

  17. Leon Wolfeson

    Ah yes, so you need to see the bodies, before covering that up too with another excuse.

  18. E

    My Case: Single Mum, severe epilepsy up to 8 seizures in a day I was without for 1 and a half years :/ They eventually apologised and back dated it, But they still haven’t sent back the 5 lots of proof of identity (including birth certificates and bank letters) that at first they claimed I hadn’t sent and after a while said yeah we have them.

  19. PoundInYourPocket

    What an apalling case of maladministration. What do the DWP say when you raise a complaint ? Have you written to your MP or contacted Citizens Advice? I don’t know how IDS gets away with it. It’s not just a case of backdating, there should be compensation for the distress caused. I heard of one case (PIP) where a terminaly ill claimant was told not to worry if he died as his spouse would receive back-payment. Justice ????

  20. Cole

    Er, the evidence – of the kids eating out of bins -is from a local paper.

  21. Cole

    Labour aren’t perfect on this, but the Tory mindset is to smear poor people for being feckless.

  22. Leon Wolfeson

    I’d suggest going back and listening to exactly what Labour have said on this ><

  23. rat man

    Evidence of kids eating out of bins, is evidence of kids eating out of bins.

    This article then jumps the shark and blames the coalition without finding out ANY facts, who are the kids, why are their parents unable to feed them, why are the PARENTS not with the kids.

    Who here would send their kids out alone to scavenge for food.

    No no, must be the coalition, because…err… BUSH DID 9/11.

  24. Guest

    Yes yes, you keep denying evidence, Why are then parents not eating from the bins too? Well, for one it’s far easier for them to be arrested for that.

    Second, they’re probably working 12 hour shifts, hours away from home..

  25. rat man

    Oh so now the parents are working 12 hour shifts, hours away from home.

    Just keep making stuff up.

  26. sarntcrip

    ed isdoing the most appalling job trying to out nasty the nasty party but a ever labour are the least bad of a depressingly self-serving globalised club

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