15 reasons women shouldn’t vote for UKIP

Thinking of voting for UKIP tomorrow? If you care even a jot about the rights of women, think on.

Thinking of voting for UKIP tomorrow?

If you care even a jot about the rights of women, think on.

Here are 15 reasons why women (and men who believe in equality of the sexes) should sooner drink poison than vote for the Kippers tomorrow.

1. Nigel Farage on women: “Godfrey’s [Bloom, former UKIP MEP] comment that ‘no employer with a brain in the right place would employ a young, single, free woman‘ has been proved so right. With this lunacy, that if you have children you get three months paid leave off work, or six months paid leave off work – he absolutely got it spot on.”

2. UKIP want to scrap paid maternity leave (in line with Lesotho, Swaziland, the US and Papua New Guinea).

3. UKIP want to make it legal for employers to discriminate on the basis of gender (as well as race).

4. This would also entail the scrapping of employment regulations against sexual harassment and safeguards for part time and irregular workers, the majority of which are women.

5. Nigel Farage informed City high flyers that they are “worth less” to employers if they become mothers or that motherhood is a lifestyle choice.

6. Patrick O’Flynn, MEP Candidate, also say that pregnant women in the workplace are a “disaster”.

7. UKIP’s MEPs have consistently failed to represent the interests of women. They have voted against or simply not turned up to key votes in the European Parliament on ensuring equal pay, combating violence against women and ruling out FGM, to name but a few.

8. Since the 2009 European Election UKIP’s only two female MEPs, Nikki Sinclaire and Marta Andreasen, have both left the party. Andreason said Farage doesn’t try to involve intelligent professional women in positions of responsibility in the party. He thinks women should be in the kitchen or in the bedroom”. Nikki Sinclaire won an Employment Tribunal claim for sex discrimination against the party.

9. Roger Helmer, UKIP MEP and candidate in the Newark by-election, said, Rape is always wrong, but not always equally culpable.”

10. Godfrey Bloom, a former UKIP MEP, was not reprimanded for hugely sexist statements such as, “[feminists are] shrill, bored, middle-class women of a certain physical genre” and, “Women, in spite of years of training in art and music – and significant leisure time in the 18th and 19th Centuries – have produced few great works”

11. Stuart Wheeler, the party’s treasurer, said that women were “absolutely nowhere” when they compete with men in sports where they are not physically disadvantaged. He said, “I would just like to challenge the idea that it is necessary to have a lot of women or a particular number on a board… Business is very, very competitive and you should take the performance of women in another competitive area, which is sport where [men] have no strength advantage.”

12. In November 2013, UKIP MEP, Stuart Agnew said (in a debate on women in the boardroom) that Women don’t have the ambition to get to the top, something gets in the way. It’s called a baby… Those females who really want to get to the top do so”.

13. David Chalice , a senior party official in Exeter, has voiced his belief that women should stay at home and that “cash-strapped Moslems” should have multiple wives.

14. Demetri Marchessini, the party’s sixth-largest individual donor in 2013, said there was no such thing as marital rape, arguing: “If you make love on Friday and make love Sunday, you can’t say Saturday is rape.” He also claimed women should be banned from wearing trousers because they “discourage love-making”.

15. Need I go on?

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510 Responses to “15 reasons women shouldn’t vote for UKIP”

  1. Charlotte Mattin

    And yet women run childcare work places. No men work in 90% of nurseries and children clubs. And the vast majority of teachers are women. Im 18 years old and have full qualifications and work full time at a really good job in which I do well. Womrn can do what they want and anyone who voted UKIP need their heads banged together as they are disgusting sexist pigs. And messed up towards disabled people.

  2. Nath

    If a national Brit has been bested by someone from a shitty part of eastern Europe with no money, contacts and questionable knowledge of the language then what the fuck good are they anyway? Most people in Britain just don’t want to work hard and that’s their own damn fault. Get up and get after it instead of complaining all day and wasting your vote on a party that was irrelevant yesterday, is irrelevant today and will likely be irrelevant indefinitely.

  3. Colleen

    Good god, I know ukip were kind of in the dark ages but that’s just wrong, so what if a women have a child it’s not goin to make her a bad employed,

  4. matthew

    hi i have 2 diplomas and a postgraduate yet have to do a jod beneath me . i am not uneducated and i have voted ukip . i think you can see why in another country i could do what i am trained too and if britain doesn’t change may be i will leave ?

  5. Ryan Murphy

    It’s ridiculous that so many people can not see the obvious thing about UKIP. Nearly every single politician that’s switched to them has been from the conservatives, (an actual fact that I remember reading not long ago on the bbc news website). That should tell you all you need to know not to vote for them, they’re switching because the conservative party is not right wing ENOUGH for them, which clearly indicates that UKIP IS.(or they would be making their own damn parties). If you do not like the policies from the last five years and yet vote for UKIP and they win then prepare yourself for policies ten times worse with the countries integrity and pride for our openness and acceptance of other people and cultures from around the world in tatters, a government which resembles that of Hitler and the nazi party, along with the economies destruction all along the way. I am ashamed of the amount of ignorance and hate towards other human beings that is in my country of origin as it is, never mind if such a party as UKIP were to be in any sort of power over it.

  6. bleh


  7. Ryan Murphy

    It was so warming reading your post after having to read so much disgusting ignorance. I for one could not agree more with every letter that you have typed.

  8. Safesam

    Well I think Nigel Farage is the only honest leader who talks sense
    He has also been an MEP for years and seen how the EU works first hand, unlike the others
    I don’t understand why we need 2 governments to tell us what to do??
    The EU is undemocratic. We vote for the MEP’s but they do not write the laws. The commission write the law and MEP’s just nod it through
    The commissioners are unelected and are basically controlled by the corporations. UKIP understand this as well as a growing number of Europeans. The EU has bankrupted Greece with Spain, Italy and Ireland to follow.
    I don’t understand why we want to belong to this organisation and pay £10 billion a year for the pleasure
    UKIP have pledged to put in £3 billion of this saving to the NHS

  9. Mob Deep

    You are an absolute tit, get back to your Bratz dolls you melt.

  10. Louise

    He doesn’t want the foreign doctors to be shipped out, he means people that are coming into this country to abuse the nhs. People come over on a student visa and on the visa it states that they should not be pregnant yet they come and 20 weeks + pregnant just as they are about to start a student year. That’s abusing our system. A points system to be able to come and live in this country is the best thing we can do. If they are worthy to be here like foreign doctors then they are welcome

  11. Jordan

    I just want immigration sorted out.

  12. SarahR

    Thank goodness for that, another case of a wafted vote, At least you knew it would be a wasted when you cast it.

  13. Letitia

    To me UKIP are Pure evil and are like nazi!!

  14. Jld

    Hahahahahahaha who the fuck wrote this shit? You’ve twisted every word said. Read the manifesto..END OF!

  15. Davey Driver

    Peter Jones, as an English Expat living in Bulgaria I think you will find YOU are wrong, the UK government do not implement the required rules for freedom of movement unlike the Bulgarian Government.

    If you re-read what I posted I was not quoting the UK’s requirements I was Quoting the EU requirements which Bulgaria implements to the letter.

    Here in Bulgaria you are permitted to stay in the country for up to 90 days per year, to remain over the 90 day limit whether as a worker or a retired person you MUST comply with the Following:

    1) Produce a Passport from an EU Member state
    2) Produce a Bulgarian Bank Account showing you have a minimum 1000 BGN to support yourself
    3) An EHIC card or private medical insurance policy
    4) A Signed Notary Document stating you will NOT Claim benefits of any kind

    Failure to provide any of the above results in your requirement to leave the country and not return for a minimum of 9 months, if you provide the above the permission is granted to stay and is valid until the expiry date of either your EHIC card or Passport, whichever occurs first, then upon renewal you must reapply once again.

  16. yasmin

    Thank you, for that unnecessary piece of garbage that i didn’t need to read. I’m guessing that you’re trying to imply my immaturity by telling me to ‘get back to my Bratz dolls’. However you also called a 14 year old a ‘tit’.So… well done. Your maturity exceeds everyone’s expectations for a ukip fan! I’m starting to gather a picture of the mature literate Ukip supporters that call kids ‘melt’ and can’t spell the word ‘well’.
    Ps. You are also a ‘tit’ and probably a vagabond whilst were at it.

  17. Luke Glass

    Just shows what you can achieve when you don’t take Gender Studies.

  18. Tasha

    Wow, who calls someone a ‘melt’? For a 14 year old girl she is very switched on.
    Ukip is a joke, women have the right to have high power jobs and still have a family…Obviously to pass on the woman’s intelligent genes to her children 😉

  19. Tasha

    Work in mcdonalds then 🙂

  20. Aaron Antrobus

    I don’t agree with 11,12,19 and 21.
    I would rather a law made where if you kill an innocent human being or cause an act of terror you basically have chosen not to be human and that you don’t value human rights. In that case they should not get human rights.

  21. Aaron Antrobus

    I don’t think pagan was referring to every immigrant.

  22. Ryan Grange

    I beleave in an immigration policy more like australia, as im not against immigration, but against those who come into our country without the intention to work. Immigration is fine, but only if they can get jobs and contribute to the country they have entered.

  23. Chloe Newton

    Why is the title ’15 reasons why women shouldn’t vote for ukip.’ Why not ’15 reasons why anyone who isn’t sexist shouldn’t vote for ukip.’

  24. Chloe Newton

    … alternatively ’15 reasons why anyone with a brain shouldn’t vote for ukip’

  25. Jim

    I have to say, there seems to be a lot of ganging up and bullying from ‘leftys’ in these forums/threads. It seems to be ok, as long as it comes under the guise of ‘left wing’. I didn’t vote UKIP, but some of the attacks on the party have been disgraceful. We supposedly encourage freedom of speech and choice, but those with a left persuasion seem to be repressing it the most as they are protected by political correctness. This article is designed to create hatred, and people have fallen hook, line and sinker because it is deemed acceptable to attack and belittle those who are deemed more central/right wing. Based on recent results, it might be wise to educate yourselves on who has the more out of date policies and grasp on politics as a whole. I have already seen so many excuses for the recent outcome and reasons we are voting the way we are. How about solutions and understanding the issues at hand instead of political based bullying?

  26. "UKIP are sexist and racist"

    lets have a look at the stats of the election

    46,425,386 people voted (66.1%)

    and lets presume that the people who didn’t vote were a mix of men, women and different races

    the last census indicated that 51,736,290 people were “White British” (81.9%) in the UK

    this means mathematically 34,197,688 White British people voted (66.1% of 51,736,290)

    Then take in to account the male to female ratio (approx. 0.99 male(s)/female)

    So take this number and you get 16,927,855 (34,197,688 multiplied by 0.99/2) this means that 36.5% of people who voted are considered White British and are male

    Lastly UKIP got 3,875,409 votes in the election so you can look at this three ways and presume that 22.9% of White British men (almost 1 in every 4) voted for ukip or that both women and those of other ethnic origins also voted UKIP, meaning women promote “sexism” and/or people of different ethnic origins support “racism” OR alternatively UKIP aren’t sexist nor racist and people of different gender and races voted for them because they believe their policies will benefit the UK more than other parties. So either be politically ignorant and believe what the media says about the party or maybe be smart enough to see through the propaganda and come to a conclusion with out the influence of media.

  27. Lee

    These aren’t reasons that just women shouldn’t vote from them- they are reasons human beings shouldn’t be voting for them. Any human with sense.

  28. Yasmin

    Firstly, i didn’t call him a melt. He called me one.
    Secondly, I wanted to say that I agree with your views on women’s rights, so thankyou.

  29. Jane Chelliah

    That makes me intellectually cleverer than you because your list of criterion for being ‘intellectually unchallenged’ is a purely subjective view that has no bearing whatsoever to any part of the construction of intellect. Surviving a plane crash requires intellect? Really? Surviving cancer requires intellect? Really? I think you ought to spend your energies on choosing a new master to lead your party because Nigel pushed the eject button today.

  30. anjie

    I totally agree with you.Ukip policies are a lot of bullshit.People whosupport ukip are racists and they need to go and learn some basic maners.So glad that ukip lost.I don`t understand why such people exist in these communities. Shame on you ukip…..Nigel farages wife is german.Do not understand why he is like this.I strongly feel like he is on drugs or something…..

  31. Sam Trevarthen

    You lot are hilarious. We live in a democracy so everyone is allowed an opinion….!!!!! These facts above for UKIP are so untrue it’s laughable. Most of what is bandied around about UKIP wanting to do this that and the other is utter bull to be fair, the PR machine of the rich and powerful feeds this bolloc*s to the public and as usual it is swallowed as truth. Get over it, UKIP #3 in political parties!! Go UKIP!!!!

  32. kevin777

    Full of quotes taken out of context. What is it with leftist. If you don’t agree with them they call you a racist and sexist. This is because they can’t win on “arguments” so they have to resource to name calling and strawman arguments. The left are both economically illiterate and don’t understand basic biology. Yeah. Women have children. Taking care of a child is very hard and honorable work. But it takes away from their career. This is the way things are. No amount of bleeding heart do-gooder garbage can change this.

  33. kevin777

    those are some pretty bold claims. Care to back them up?

  34. kevin777

    Lots of bold claims. Care to back them up with facts? I didn’t think so.

  35. willingr

    Oh dear Jane, have you never heard the saying that when you are in a hole, stop digging?

    If you tried reading (you can read, right?), at no point did I suggest surviving a plane crash etc required any intellectual rigour, instead I merely listed things he had endured and achieved, to illustrate the irrepressible dynamism of the man. Clearly such dynamism and success requires intellect, as well as self belief, courage, and an enormous amount of commitment.

    Perhaps you should spend your energies on answering my question to you, and if you’re capable, substantiate your original accusation that Farage is “intellectually challenged”

  36. Tasha

    I know….thats why it was to him….
    I was totally on your side.

  37. Jonathan Brockett

    What policy does UKIP Have in it’s manifesto that you deem racist or are you talking about a specific candidate or do you believe as some do that even the discussion about immigration is racist. If I said that we should check criminal records of foreners wishing to come here, is this racist in your view as by mentioning criminal and foreners in same sentence must be racist.
    UKIP is racist because it has had members who have said racist things who have been thrown out for this?
    British jobs for British people was probably the only racist thing that I personally heard a UKIP CANDIDATE say and that was Nigel.
    I personally did not like him saying this and it did remind me of a Labour prime minister Gordon Brown who also said this,the racist oh no wait a sec no one could possibly suggest that any other party has issues with racists within the ranks it’s only UKIP.
    Gordon Brown may have said British jobs for British people but he could not deliver on this as European law would not allow this as that would be Racist.
    Under Labour government positive discrimination was allowed making racism against the White / British /male/heterosexual / majority / Christian legal, this just caused more tension and racism but is still seen as ok by the left. I do not understand this thinking is battling racism about treating everyone the same regardless of colour or creed or not, these far left policies have led to UKIP persueing policies that would benefit only the British regardless of race creed or sexuality.
    I Do not believe UKIP is racist but I am sure that some supporters are, as are some conservatives and a fair amount of Labour supporters.
    UKIP is however the party that tries to ignore political correctness and courts controversy, likes to wind up the left and often steps over the mark causing offence to many people who wish to be offended and some that probably don’t.
    “UKIP is racist” is just such a lazy statement.
    And of course the truth is that The Labour Party is racist just against its own people.

  38. Yasmin

    Oh, I’m sorry, and thankyou. I got confused.

  39. Jonathan Brockett

    I must be really thick what does “morally intellectual” mean. Don’t get me wrong I understand the meaning of each word separately but erm I had no idea morallity was a university course one could take.

  40. James

    Most of these comments make me sick. Most of the people who grow up in the UK at some point of their lives are coerced to contribute to society as a whole and ‘do the right thing’. How can you blame a massive rise in popularity for a party who is stating the obvious and basically saying what all hard working British people are saying – ‘we have had enough!’ – we want our taxes reinvested in to this country to benefit the people that actually contribute whether it be working class or ‘upper class’!. We don’t want people coming here and grabbing benefits when they have contributed nothing in to the system. We want growth and prosperity for the people of this country first – charity begins at home and i’m so thankful for UKIP because it is a taste of what is to come if the politicians
    do not act in the best interest of the people which is meant to be the foundations of democracy.. I just hope to god that the wars that our ancestors fought doesn’t go to waste through lies, deception and keeping people in the dark. The inequality in this country sickens me and it is high time the elites addressed this and made serious changes to the modern society we all reside in.

  41. Steve

    What a load of lies this site is… haha does make me laugh.

    The sole purpose of this site is to stop us coming out the EU by voting UKIP. All of the above posts are rubbish and any that are the people no longer represent UKIP. I bet you receive your funding from the EU? Maybe you should spend your time focusing on the other parties?

  42. Peter Chessell

    Intellectually challenged?…..looking at your pic simeon springs to mind and fuckwit also ….commie fucker.

  43. Peter Chessell

    Fuckwit of the highest order.

  44. Holistic Pilates

    Colourful, brash, silly at times, but so much better than the politically correct lying sods.

  45. mistyeyed

    if all that is true why did so many women vote for him, I’ll tell you, he says it like it is and tells the truth so refreshing. There are obviously a few men who need educating about women and will have to be rehabilitated from their bullying macho ideas. LOL

  46. anjie

    People who have education won`t vote for ukip. Only so under class people do it.Because they don`t know the reason why immigrants are here.So why waste time?Vote green party.hate ukip.idiots

  47. Jonathan Brockett

    UKIP manifesto makes sense, unfortunately when they open their mouths they can’t help but be offensive to someone.
    The Greens on the other hand seem very sensible until you read their manifesto, at which point in disbelief you check you are on the correct website and re read assuming that you must of read it wrong but no! Wow they are crazy hippies who believe no one should really go to jail for criminal offences. In fact crime should be decriminalised and no longer exist. Sorted except for extremely violent crime and only then if there is likelihood of reoffending.
    Sounds like a navarna for friends of Jimmy Saville.
    Tax businesses and the wealthy individuals until the squeak or leave and pack their bags for them if they wish to go.
    And then employ everyone in the public sector on the same average wage ensuring it is low enough that the people cannot afford to buy goods as this increases the carbon footprint.
    As long as the planet survives (and Africans)the west can die.

  48. Jonathan Brockett

    Yep, UKIP have done well this is down to two things firstly Nigel Farage, Steven Woolfe, Suzanne Evans and Diane James giving a consistent message and secondly and in my view more importantly a clear sensible manifesto. But I guess anyone who hates UKIP never read it as they had already believed the views of others and would be scared to think for themselves. The racist slur has unfortunately stuck but the people who say it struggle to defend this view with any logic so just scream it loudly. Sadly this does work. Because some people are morons who believe that this world would be fair and a better place if everybody had equality in every aspect of life including wealth, jobs, education, without any understanding of why that would not work, if fact no one would bother to work what would be the point.

  49. anjie

    all right mate.calm down….no need to be so stressy!all I can see is a load of rubbish…..

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