Telegraph readers would rather live in socialist France than in the UK

Where would Telegraph readers rather live - socialist France or coalition Britain?

City AM’s Allister Heath is just the latest person to hit out at the French socialist government of Francois Hollande.

The bad news is coming thick and fast for our Gallic neighbours. The country is back in recession, unemployment is rising and, as a consequence, President Hollande’s poll numbers are at rock bottom.

This Heath blames on the country’s “overbearing state, horrendously high tax levels, insane regulations, absurd levels of inefficient public spending and generalised hatred of commerce, capitalism, success and hard work”.

“France’s socialist experiment is turning into a tragedy,” he adds.

It appears that Hollande has taken messages of this sort to heart, for he is promising supply-side economic reforms which have been branded a “betrayal” by the French Communist Party, among others.

It is perhaps predictable that the right should gloat at the failure of Hollande’s socialist party to kick-start the economy. But is France really as bad as City AM says it is?

Let’s ask readers of the Telegraph, shall we? Where would they rather live – socialist France or coalition Britain?

Telegraph poll question-JPEG

Will the last person to leave France please turn out the lights. Oh but wait. What’s this?

Telegraph poll France-JPEG

Dear French men and women, if you should happen to catch any Telegraph readers washing up on your handsome shores, please be sure to send them stright back. We wouldn’t want them leeching off your country’s generous (socialist) welfare state, after all.

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10 Responses to “Telegraph readers would rather live in socialist France than in the UK”

  1. subtleknife

    France is “GAELIC”??? How illiterate is that???

  2. guidofawkes


  3. uglyfatbloke

    Dear French people…if you find tories washing up on your shores please don’t send them back…we’ve got more than enough of them already.

  4. swatnan

    Apparently his poll rating has gone up with revalations of his sordid affairs.
    Monsewer Normale was just a socialist in wolf’s clothing. An absolute disgrace.

  5. swatnan

    In Britain, he would have had to resign, but on the Continent the Press allow them to carry on. In Britain the Press would not allow that First Lady, not even married, to continue sponging off the State. Both would have been kicked out of the Party, and fresh elections called.

  6. Sparky

    But it is true, nonetheless, that socialism is failing in France. Just as it’s failed all over the world.

  7. Cole

    Yep, Scandinavia is a terrible place with a screwed-up economy, and failing countries.

  8. Sparky

    And yet it has very little immigration. How can this be?

  9. Jakka

    Wait a minute – doesn’t Nigel Lawson live in France

    ? ““I have a very busy metropolitan life in London and a totally different life here, out in the sticks in la France profonde. Here, as you see, there is perfect peace and tranquillity — so this is where I can relax, this is where I can think, this is where I can write.”

  10. Guest

    Wait a minute, doesn’t Nigel Lawson live in socialist France? Can’t be that bad

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