The Mail caught fibbing…again

The Daily Mail has been caught lying about Gordon Brown's expenses.

The Daily Mail has been caught fibbing, proving once again that the most accurate part of the paper is the clarifications and corrections column. This time it’s about Gordon Brown.

If only the endless apologies were given the same prominance in the paper as the original – incorrect – stories.

Mail Gordon Brown2

The Sun was recently forced to apologise for using make up figures about so-called benefit tourists and for writing grossly inaccurate headlines about the mentally ill.

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3 Responses to “The Mail caught fibbing…again”

  1. marje arnold

    it really gets to me the way they are constantly trying to smear gordon brown. is it because he is one of the few HONOURABLE politicians.

  2. Boris Clover

    I note that the so-called ‘apology’ comes from an (anonymous) reporter, and not from Dacre-the real villain of the piece- or his sidekicks. I think that shows what it is really worth-little or nothing,like the Daily Vile itself. They really are contemptible in the extreme.

  3. Ian Blackburn

    No wonder the press do not want regulation. They would never print anything if they had to ensure there were enough truths and facts in their stories.

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