Influx of Romanian migrants ‘unlikely’, says Eastern Europe expert

A mass arrival of labour migrants from Romania when UK immigration restrictions are lifted in January 2014 is “unlikely”, according to a researcher from Edge Hill University who has written a book on the Romanian diaspora.

Migrants border controlDr Ruxandra Trandafoiu,  a senior lecturer for Media and Communication, is the author of DIASPORA ONLINE: Identity Politics and Romanian Migrants, which chronicles the online cultural and political expressions of the Romanian diaspora.

Based on comprehensive research, the book challenges government claims that Britain faces an influx of immigration from Eastern Europe when labour movement restrictions on Bulgaria and Romania are lifted next January.

“There is a misconception that from 2014 the floodgates will open,” said Dr Trandafoiu, “but there is very little proof that this is the case. For starters there is the language barrier, and it is much easier for them to learn Italian and Spanish than it is to learn English. Also there are financial implications and it is not easy to bring their families with them. Therefore, I would say that if they do decide to come to the UK, it would only be for short trips and, from all the interviews I carried out for my research, permanent settlement is very unlikely because the cultural divide is too great.”

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  • Jacko

    “Ruxandra Trandafoiu”. Somehow I doubt that’s an entirely neutral viewpoint.

  • Sids666

    “permanent settlement is very unlikely because the cultural divide is too great”

    so says the Romainian who has settled in the UK…

  • Fak_Zakaix

    Are you concerned with immigrants like Ruxandra?

  • Will Podmore

    A survey commissioned by the European Parliament has found that more than 80,000 Bulgarians are expected to leave their country permanently with a view to settling in Britain.

  • Ramatac

    I remember hearing something along these lines when we opened our gates to the EU countries unlike others I.e. Germany, France etc and look what happened. I’d like to give you an odds on favourite bet you are wrong.

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