Chart: Census data highlights, once again, gender bias in jobs market

Amidst the figures on population numbers and immigration (which the media have again obsessed over) today’s latest release of Census 2011 data shows (pdf), once more, the very clear gender bias in employment – in the types of work men and women have and the number of hours worked.

Figure 15 highlights the differences in male and female employment types amongst 16 to 74 year olds: in 2011, almost four times as many women (33 per cent, 4.4 million) were part-time employees compared to men (8%, 1.2m):


While Figure 16 shows, in the words of OSN, the “clear difference between males and females in the numbers of hours worked”:

As the links below forewarned, and against the backdrop of a failing economy and ever harsher cuts, the figures today, shocking though they are, shouldn’t come as too great a surprise…

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