Leveson damns the press and PCC – and clears the police


The Leveson Report has delivered a damning indictment on the press and the failure of the PCC – while the police are largely cleared.

Leveson recommends a tougher form of self-regulation backed by legislation – introduced to uphold press standards. He says his proposals will protect the rights of victims and people bringing complaints and adds an arbitration system to allow people to seek redress without having to go to court should be created.

Jeremy Hunt and David Cameron escape censure for their relationships with News International – with the police also largely in the clear over payments to journalists.

Read the document in full here.

We will have more on the Leveson Report on Left Foot Forward later…

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  • Carol Wilcox

    Copied from Facebook page:

    If I hear the phrase ‘slippery slope’ once more I’ll scream. Cowardly politicians love it. It’s why we can’t have a choice of how we want to die, why we can’t decriminalise recreational drugs and now why we can’t have control over the worst excesses of the gutter press.

    The simple fact is that a future ‘nasty’ government will just introduce its own ‘nasty’ primary legislation if it can’t find ways to exploit current laws.