Chart: Low turnouts in PCC, Mayoral, and by-elections across the country


* Devon & Cornwall PCC yet to declare

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  • Rahul Kamath

    Am I the only person gob-smacked to find that in Wales, we’ve elected a new MP, only 32 years old, who’s ‘reported in the press’ work experience is at a charity. He got all of approx 9,500 votes (yes, thats total, not margin of victory). If that’s what can get you elected to parliament, no wonder we have rubbish politicians. Note that I know nothing about this chap beyond reading a brief article so all factual corrections are welcomed!

  • Newsbot9

    Welcome to party politics in a FPTP system.

  • Mike Homfray

    What’s wrong with working for a charity??

  • uglyfatbloke

    Good point from Newsbot. As for elected PCCs…what’s the point in electing them, they will have no power to ensure that he priorities of the people are reflected in policing practices…still, they will get brilliant salaries for doing bugger-all of any value, so that’s nice……..