Cameron’s Corkers: Exposing the PM’s miscellany of untruths and u-turns


Today, Left Foot Forward launches a new website, Cameron’s Corkers – – chronicling the untruths and u-turns of Tory leader David Cameron.

Camerons-CorkersAs reported in today’s Sunday Mirror, we list the prime minister’s 30 u-turns since coming to office – one a month – and his 21 corkers (untruths) at Prime Minister’s Questions and in speeches.

As Will Straw says:

“It has been clear for years that David Cameron was out of touch.

“But now we know that he’s out of his depth too.

“The occasional change of direction by a Government with its ear to the ground can be a sign of strength.

“But a u-turn a month is a clear sign of weakness and a lack of direction by this faltering government.”

If you spot a Cameron corker (especially during the Tory conference this coming week), get involved on Twitter by using the hashtag #CamCorker.

Check it out:!

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  • sarah ismail

    Brilliant idea! But Tweets page on website is set to list #camcokers Tweets not #camcorkers please fix.

  • SimonB

    Perhaps Will could check out some of his dad’s questionable statements while he’s at it.

  • Mr. Sensible

    Great idea. Is LFF considering an email service for it, or adding it as part of ‘Look Left?’