“Pleb and buried”; “On yer bike”; “Great train snobbery”… Mitchell, Osborne, avert your eyes!

Saturday's #PlebGate front pages make uncomfortable reading for Andrew Mitchell and George Osborne... Enjoy!

Andrew Mitchell and George Osborne: Oh, what a pair!


Energy policy on the hoof, Osborne’s first class f- up, Mitchell suddenly, surprisingly, after four weeks of dither, throwing himself under the train… Armando Ianucci, take a break; The Thick Of It has truly come to life.

You imagine it could only get worse for the Tories if David Cameron appeared on the steps of Number 10, and said, very slowly, in his plummiest, public schooliest voice:


He’d only be saying what we think they’re thinking…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Trant/1105641645 David Trant

    In the life of any government there is a day, which it never manages to shake off, for this government it was yesterday.