Losing it: Team Romney end disastrous tour by telling reporters to “shove it” and “kiss my ass”

The Mitt Romney team ended a disastrous, error-strewn tour to Britain, Israel and Poland by lashing out at the US press.

Mitt Nasty: Is Romney the thickest Republican candidate ever selected? Even including Bush??

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The Mitt Romney team ended a disastrous, error-strewn tour to Britain, Israel and Poland by lashing out at the US press – after a reporter had dared to ask why he’d failed to take to take more than a handful of questions throughout the whole overseas visit.

Mitt-Romney-fat-catThe Washington Post reports:

The White House hopeful’s overseas tour took another rocky turn on its final day, as a campaign spokesman cursed at journalists shouting questions at Romney.

Romney had just laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Warsaw’s Pilsudski Square, personally thanking and shaking hands with about 50 uniformed Polish soldiers who watched the silent ceremony. Then, in a gesture of gratitude, Romney pressed his hand to his heart and bowed his head.

As he walked back to his vehicle, he ignored reporters’ shouted questions. When a journalist noted that Romney has taken almost no questions from his traveling press corps throughout the foreign trip, Romney spokesman Rick Gorka retorted, “Kiss my ass.”

“This is a holy site for the Polish people,” Gorka said. “Show some respect.”

Moments later, Gorka told another reporter to “shove it.” Gorka later called the reporters to apologise.


Shortly before Romney departed for the airport to fly home to the United States, his top campaign strategist tried to put a positive spin on the trip, saying “it was a great success.” But criticism continued to mount over Romney’s series of controversial remarks – the latest made Monday in Jerusalem when the candidate said the Israeli economy was stronger than the Palestinian economy because of “cultural” differences.

A “great success”?


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As Left Foot Forward has reported, the Romneyshambles Tour has lurched from one disaster to another, from his anti-Obama ‘Anglo-Saxon’ jibe to his cut-price fundraiser to his attack on our ability and willingness to host the Games, to attacking the UK generally, to his latest Middle East gaffe to his media man’s meltdown in Poland… Mr Obama surely cannot believe his luck!


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  • http://nhsvault.blogspot.com Richard Blogger

    “This is a holy site for the Polish people,” Gorka said. “Show some respect.”

    I do hope Gorka/Romney says the same thing to NBC over their disgraceful and disrespectful editing out the tribute to the 7/7 victims. NBC showed no respect.

  • KelleyGurl

    First of all, you honestly expect ANYONE to support the media with comments like the above, Romney’s end disastrous tour? All you guys do is push everyone’s buttons hoping someone will push back so you can get your day in the sun. You are pathetic! As Americans we are sick and tired of your bull crap. When will you start actually reporting the real news? Since you have been in Obama’s pocket for the last 3 1/2 years you haven’t reported factual news. You tiptoe around Obama because you don’t want to bite the hand that feeds you! Just for the record, because honesty isn’t something you understand. There hasn’t been any gaffe’s. Romney’s comments on the British Olympics were right on and having been there and done that Romney had every right to say so. Romney has done a great job touring. The only problems he has had is the stupid liberal press finding fault with everything he does. I have no respect for any of the press. They have shown to be controlled by Obama, they have no standards and they should be told to shut the hell up! We are sick and tired of their lies! The day the news actually starts behaving themselves and reporting real news Americans will listen. Until then they are just Obama’s Patsies. Weak and Pointless!

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  • Sasha

    Wow, you’re right! Rupert Murdoch is an anagram of Barack Obama!

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