Watch Cameron’s pathetic ‘condemnation’ of Clarkson’s sick comments

David Cameron failed to denounce his chum Jeremy Clarkson today, nor even actually condemn him for his sick remarks about executing trade unionists – merely describing it as “a silly thing to say”. He did not even appear genuinely angry, face set to stern, struggling, one sensed, to suppress a laugh.

Asked by Phillip Schofield on ITV’s This Morning:

“According to your mate Jeremy Clarkson, he said on the One Show last night that the people who were out protesting yesterday should be taken out and shot in front of their families…”

He feebly replied:

“Well it was obviously a silly thing to say and I’m sure he didn’t mean that, I didn’t see the remark, but I’m sure it’s, erm, a silly thing to say.”

Watch it:

Compare and contrast Cameron’s sickening non-condemnation with Ed Miliband’s attack on Clarkson’s “disgraceful”, “disgusting” and “appaling” remarks; he said:

“I think they’re absolutely disgraceful and disgusting comments, they are appalling, and I think Jeremy Clarkson should apologise for them.”

It’s almost as if the see no evil, hear no evil prime minister has form on sticking by his despicable friends; it seems you truly can judge a man by the company he keeps…

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