CDU withdraws London rep in protest at Cameron’s EU grouping

The German newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, has reported that Angela Merkel’s CDU party has recalled its London representative Thomas Stehling to Germany because of David Cameron’s decision to withdraw from the European People’s Party. A translation of the article outlines that:

“The leader of the CDU – after a long hesitation – has responded to the symbolic implications of the move by the British Conservative Party to withdraw from the European political family, the European People’s Party, and form new ground with its own European Parliament grouping. The removal of the London representative of the CDU-affiliated Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Thomas Stehling, is seen as evidence that the move, which took place last month, is seen as a mistake by the [Conservative Party].

Stehling had been the “main point of contact for CDU tours to London” and “had made preparations for meetings between Chancellor Angela Merkel and the British opposition leader Cameron.” The website of the Konrad Adenaour Foundation’s Great Britain Office says, “Over the years the London office has paid particular attention to Britain’s role in the European unification process.”

The report notes the concerns of Hans-Gert Pottering MEP, a former President of the European Parliament and  Chair of the EPP-ED Group in the European Parliament since 1999. Pöttering told the FAZ that:

the withdrawal of Stehling should be seen as ‘a signal’ to Cameron and his party.

In May, the Guardian reported that, “Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany appeared to threaten to withhold cooperation from the Conservatives” while Pöttering “angrily described Cameron as untrustworthy.”

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  • Luke

    Perhaps the most important ‘European’ story of today is David Cameron’s decision to expel Edward McMillan-Scott MEP from the party.

    This is despite Daniel Hannan’s ‘eccentric’ views, ones that go against ‘official’ Tory grain, going almost without mention from the Tory leader. The ‘real’ story is how far Cameron would go in order to retain the ‘alliance’ he has stitched up with some of Europe’s most reactionary groups and figures. Apparently McMillan-Scott’s position had become ‘untenable’, whereas Daniel ‘NHS 60 year mistake’ Hannan’s position is still very much intact.

  • Tom Miller

    Extreme Tories relationship with Chancellor Merkel souring: CDU withdraws London rep

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